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Carmelo Anthony’s Divorce From La La Anthony

Carmelo Anthony's

Divorce of Carmelo Anthony from La La Anthony

When Carmelo and La La Anthony first met in 2003, they were the “it” couple. He was an aspiring NBA player, and she was a well-known MTV VJ.

Their marriage created a commotion that lasted through the birth of their first child, their wedding day, and allegations of marital conflict.

After appearing to split in 2017, the pair resumed their romance the following year, but it was insufficient.

La La filed for divorce in June 2021, and Carmelo may now lose a significant portion of his projected net worth.

Carmelo and La La Anthony’s marriage has been fraught with ups and downs

Although it appeared to be picture-perfect on the outside, Carmelo and La La Anthony’s marriage was fraught with difficulties.

Carmelo received marijuana possession charges, was involved in a nightclub brawl, and was a potential victim of an extortion transaction all within a year of his engagement to La La.

Although he would subsequently be involved in an NBA altercation and arrested for driving while ability-impaired, his problems with his wife would boil down to fidelity.

Throughout their relationship, rumors of his wandering eye lingered, until it all came to a climax in 2017.

divorce of carmelo anthony from la la anthony
divorce of Carmelo Anthony from la la Anthony Source: US Weekly

Carmelo, according to a dancer, fathered her child.

Despite a brief split in their marriage, the couple appeared to reconnect in 2018.

The couple’s brief reunion didn’t help, and despite being quarantined together during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, La La filed for divorce, according to Essence.

Carmelo’s net worth will be affected by his divorce

Carmelo Anthony makes a lot of money in the NBA, but he also makes a lot of money off the court.

Nike, Jordan Brand, Foot Locker, and Nickelodeon have all given him endorsements.

With a net worth of roughly $160 million.

According to the New York Daily News, it all boils down to their prenuptial agreement.

If it is determined that Carmelo cheated, La La will seek further funds.

Those close to them are not surprised by the marriage dissolution.

“They’ve been at odds for almost a year.

“The marriage has always been problematic, so this comes as no surprise.”

Kiyan, their 14-year-old son, is their main concern.

He’s starting high school, and many feel the couple’s separation prior to their divorce announcement was intended to make things easier for him.

Whatever happens with Carmelo’s riches, Kiyan is the couple’s top focus.

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Carmelo Anthony’s Basketball Prospects

Not only is his personal life-altering.

Carmelo Anthony finished the 2021 season with the Portland Trail Blazers, where he lost in the playoffs.

With 17 years of experience, he is currently coming off the bench to assist his squad.

His career seemed to be coming to a close, but with free agency approaching.

With his strong play in Portland, he should have no trouble finding a new team.

Carmelo Anthony's
Carmelo Anthony playing basketball Source: SportsKeeds

However, which team he chooses is significant.

If Carmelo wants to end his career as one of the best, winning an NBA Championship will help him get there.

This entails looking for teams who are on the rise and ready to go the distance.

Experts predict that the Dallas Mavericks, New York Knicks, and Utah Jazz will call.

Many supporters believe Carmelo will join his good friend LeBron James and finally taste the NBA Championship that has eluded him for so long.

Carmelo Anthony Was This Close to Retiring Before Joining the Portland Trail Blazers