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Carly Hallam

Carly Hallam is an accomplished screenwriter and actress. Carly Hallam is perhaps best known as the wife of Daniel Tosh. He is a well-known American comedian, and producer who hosts the show “Tosh.0.”

Carly is an avid traveler who frequently joins her husband on tour.

She enjoys Italian cuisine but considers herself a “gastro tourist” because she enjoys eating local cuisine and trying new things.

Tom Hanks is her favorite actor, and Joey King is her favorite actress.

She enjoys reading books when traveling and prefers paper versions to e-books.

Early life and Childhood

Carly Hallam was born on February 14, 1985, in Florida, USA, under the sign of Pisces and with American citizenship.

Nothing is known about her family, parents, or siblings because Carly never shares any personal facts, preferring to keep her private life secret.

However, it is known that she has always had a fantastic sense of humor.

She was easy to make friends with because many people appreciated her jokes and light personality.

Carly graduated from her local high school in Florida in 2003 and then earned a BA in English from Florida State University.

She doesn’t say whether she took any writing classes, but she did use her education to land a successful position as a screenwriter.

Daniel Dwight Tosh, Carly’s husband was born on May 29, 1975, in Boppard, Rhineland-Palatinate of then-West Germany.

His zodiac sign is Taurus and has German nationality.

He was born into a Presbyterian minister’s family, along with a brother and two sisters.

Education Details

Carly Hallam’s family relocated to Florida, USA, when he was about five years old, and he attended a local high school in the United States.

He graduated from Astronaut High School in Titusville, Florida’s Brevard County, in 1993.

Then he went on to the University of Central Florida, where he earned a BA in marketing in 1996.

Professional Career

Hallam began her writing career in 2009 when she joined the team of writers for her future husband Daniel Tosh’s “Tosh.0” show.

She worked hard to make a solid name for herself and even tried her hand as an actress in the film “New Low” (2010), where she earned the role of a movie starlet.

This experience, however, made her realize that she wanted to be behind the camera and continue writing (although later appeared in multiple episodes of the “Tosh.0” show in minor parts).

She has been working as the screenwriter of the super-popular comedy program “Brooklyn  Nine-Nine” (2013 – present) since 2013.

It has helped her become recognized and well-known among screenwriters and producers.

Despite receiving numerous offers from other series, she remains committed to her long-term projects, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Tosh.0,”.

They provide her with the most consistent income.

She also attempted to write comic articles for online publications such as McSweeney’s.

Her article titled “10 Ways To Wear That Little Black Dress In Your Closet” was published there on December 6, 2017.

She received a lot of attention, despite the fact that it was far from serious.

It was a list of jokes about absurd situations for wearing a classy little black dress.

Daniel, Carly’s husband’s first job was in telemarketing at Central Florida Research Park.

He subsequently admitted that he would not employ himself because he performed so poorly in all job interviews.

So he had to find another method to make money and appeared as a stand-up writer and comic at the Canadian comedy festival “Just for Laughs” in 1998.

His genuine celebrity, however, extended around the world following his appearance on “The Late Show” hosted by David Letterman.

His successful performance won him entry to such popular shows as “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, “Premium Blend” on Comedy Central, and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

Later, he presented his own series on Comedy Central called “Tosh.0” and “Daniel Tosh: Happy Thoughts,”.

Later he became the producer of shows like “Brickleberry” and his own project, “Tosh.0.”

As of 2019, he is traveling the world with his own stand-up show, and he will make his first visit to Australia in January 2020.

Net worth and Salary

Carly Hallam’s current net worth is estimated to be over $800,000.

She gained via hard work as a supporting actress playing minor roles in episodes of her husband’s program “Tosh.0,” as well as a screenwriter for this show and “Brooklyn 99.”

Daniel Tosh, her husband, is reported to have a net worth of more than $16 million.

It’s worth noting that Forbes reported in 2011 that Daniel’s US tour was completely sold out months before the actual events.

He also played at sold-out shows in 2014, with the average ticket price hovering at $161.94. (reported by Forbes).

Relationship Status

Carly Hallam hasn’t mentioned anything about any previous boyfriends she had before meeting Daniel Tosh.

The couple hasn’t revealed the exact date of their first encounter. It’s apparent they met on the set of the “Tosh.0” show.

Carly has been working there since 2009, and Daniel is the show’s creator and hired the authors himself.

Carly Hallam
Carly Hallam with her husband Daniel Tosh. Source: Naija Super Fans

Carly and Daniel don’t seem to notice the age difference between them, despite the fact that Daniel is ten years older than Carly.

They married on April 15, 2016, in a private ceremony on one of Malibu’s beaches. They have no children as of 2019.

Daniel was formerly linked to Megan Abrigo, an American model and actress who starred in early episodes of his show in 2009.

However, the pair divorced in 2010 due to reports about their impending wedding.

Body Measurements

Carly Hallam has dark brown curly hair that she prefers to wear down. Her eyes are hazel.

Carly is 5fteet 8inches (1.73m) tall, weighs approximately 132lbs (60kgs), and has the following vital statistics: 34-26-35

He wears a size six shoe.

As for her fashion sense, as a true humorous writer, she frequently dresses in amusing and outrageous outfits merely to brighten up the gatherings she attends.

As a result, she once attended a party wearing a dress with a large hamburger design, joining two of her friends who wore similar gowns.

On weekdays, she prefers a more casual outfit, such as jeans, bombers, and sneakers.

Social Media

Carly isn’t really active on social media.

Her Instagram account is private, and she only authorizes subscription requests from friends, therefore her profile has just about 850 followers.

She used to be active on her Twitter profile and also had a personal website, however, the latter is now closed (as of 2019).

Her Twitter page hasn’t been updated since June 2018, despite having over 11,600 followers.

Daniel, her husband, is far more active on his Twitter profile, which has a sizable following.

His account is read by over 26 million people.

There is also a profile on Instagram called “Daniel Tosh,” though it is unclear whether it is his official profile or not.

There is no verified badge on that page, despite the fact that it has some photographs posted and is followed by over 57,000 subscribers.

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  • Hallam is an experienced screenwriter and actress, but who is perhaps better known for being the wife of Daniel Tosh.
  • He is a super-popular American comedian and producer, and the host of the show called “Tosh.0”.
  • Carly hasn’t revealed information about any former boyfriends she dated before she met Daniel Tosh.
  • The couple hasn’t revealed the precise date of their first meeting, but it is obvious they probably met on the set of the “Tosh.0” show.
  • Carly has been working there since 2009, while Daniel is the creator of the show and recruited the authors himself.
  • As of 2019, he is touring around the world with his own stand-up show and is to visit Australia for the first time in January 2020.
  • Carly is a passionate traveler and often accompanies her husband on tour.
  • Her husband, Daniel Tosh, his net worth is estimated to be more than $16 million.