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Camidas Swain Newton: Who is he?

Camidas Swain Newton
  • Camidas Swain Newton is the son of Cameron Jerell Newton (Cam Newton).
  • Camidas, the third child of footballer Cam Newton and Kia Proctor, was born on July 6, 2018.
  • Camidas became the prize in the tug-of-war that his parents played against each other during his early years.
  • Camidas has five brothers and sisters.

Who is Camidas Swain Newton?

Camidas Swain Newton is the son of Cameron Jerell Newton (Cam Newton), a former NFL quarterback who spent his first nine seasons with the Carolina Panthers. Camidas Swain Newton’s parents Cam and his ex-girlfriend Kia have three children.

Camidas Swain Newton was born into a football family

Camidas Swain Newton, the third child of footballer Cam Newton and Kia Proctor, was born on July 6, 2018.

He is the grandson of Jackie and Cecil Newton Sr., the latter of whom was a safety for the Dallas Cowboys in 1983 and the Buffalo Bills in 1984.

Camidas Swain Newton
Camidas Swain Newton with his father. Source: answersafrica

Cecil Newton, Camidas’ uncle, and his father’s younger brother was a center for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Caylin, his other paternal uncle, was the quarterback for the Howard Bison in the mid-2010s.

Kia and Cam did not reveal Camidas Swain Newton’s picture until five months after his birth

Camidas Swain Newton’s parents waited a time before releasing the first image of their child to the public.

Kia posted a series of images on her Instagram account, the first three of which show Cami sleeping adorably.

In addition, the fourth and last image shows his big old smile and joyful eyes.

Kia eventually closed the Instagram carousel with a video of herself and her baby wearing Snapchat filters.

The NFL star’s ex-girlfriend constantly referred to Camidas as a “momma’s boy,” saying he looked exactly like her.

Parents of Camidas Swain Newton

Kia or Erika Proctor, Camidas Swain Newton’s mother, is a model and former stripper from Maryland.

Proctor used to work at the Washington Stadium DC Club as Hazel.

Camidas’ mother now considers herself an Ig model.

She relocated to Atlanta and began working as a party hostess known as a Socialite.

Proctor was born in Virginia on October 16, 1988, and is the daughter of Anne Maria and Jerome Proctor.

In 2013, she began dating the current New England Patriots quarterback.

In 2013, the couple first appeared together on the Kentucky Derby Red Carpet.

Camidas Newton’s parents, on the other hand, acknowledged their relationship in 2014 at the 2014 NFL Honors.

Camidas Swain Newton’s father had an affair with his mother

Cameron parted from his longtime girlfriend Kia Proctor in January 2020 after having a baby with Instagram model La Reina Shaw.

The outlet then disclosed that Swain’s father, Cam, had been dating La Reina Shaw for quite some time and that the two had a baby named Caesar over the summer.

According to reports, the Instagram model lived in an Atlanta condo just above the NFL star’s restaurant Fellowship.

They were also seen celebrating New Year’s Eve together.

Shaw had also shared a photo from Cam’s ATL restaurant. Jaden, her former partner’s kid, is the only child she has.

Swain’s biological parents, Cameron and Proctor, divorced in late 2019 when the revelation of the latter’s adultery became public.

Camidas Swain Newton’s parents fought for custody of their son

Camidas became the prize in the tug-of-war that his parents played against each other during his early years.

Cam filed for shared custody and went to court with his baby mama Kia Proctor.

Camidas is said to have never lived with his QB father.

As a result, his father requested paternity, joint custody, and visitation.

He even requested that the court determine how much child support he must pay.

Camidas Swain Newton has a close relationship with her mother, Kia Proctor.

Kia Camidas Swain Newton and Her Mother, In contrast, Proctor Kia requested sole custody, child support, and attorney fees.

She requested child support above the limits because she knew Cam was getting a fixed $60 million salary plus other endorsement deals.

Proctor also demanded that the former Carolina Panthers player pay her $15,000 to hire a forensic accountant to investigate his accounts.

Camidas’ mother revealed in the documents that she had been living apart from Cam for months.

She stated that she intended to return to her home state of Maryland, whilst Cam desired to remain in Atlanta.

Camidas Swain Newton has five brothers and sisters

Camidas Swain Newton is not Cameron Jerrell Newton’s sole kid, as previously stated. Swain has three other siblings: Chosen Sebastian Newton (2015), Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton (2017), and Cashmere Newton (2018). (2019).

He also has an older half-sister named Shakira, who was born in his mother’s previous relationship.

Newton and his brother spend a significant amount of time with their father.

The Newtons go on vacation every now and then. Swain is Caesar’s half-brother due to his father’s current relationship with Shaw.

Camidas’ father does not wish for his son to be like him

Cam enjoys being a father to all of his children, but he does not want them to grow up to be like him.

In 2017, the first overall draftee posted a heartfelt video letter to Camidas’ brother, Chosen, in which he said, in part,

“Don’t do what I did, son. Be superior to me.

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Although he may not have said identical emotions to each of his children, it goes without saying that the Georgian player expects all of his children, including Cameras, to follow the same philosophy.

Camidas’ Financial Situation Is Swain Newton with both of his parents?

Only time will tell whether the former couple Cam and Kia are done for good or whether there is still hope for reconciliation.

However, it appears that Swain will have two families, one with his billionaire footballer father and the other with his social media celebrity mother.

Whoever he ends up with, one thing is undeniable: the three-year-future old’s nurturing might be as warm as anyone could dream for.

Cameron Newton, Newton’s father, is now on a one-year deal with the Patriots for a base pay of $1.05 million, but it may be worth up to $7.5 million due to incentives.

Not to mention his net fortune, which is well over $70 million.

And, while Swain’s mother, Proctor, has yet to publish her financial details/net worth, she could very comfortably raise her children, including Camidas, with all of their needs met and more – all on her own.

She is said to have started several businesses, although she is most known as a glamour consultant.