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Brenda Harvey-Richie: Do you want to know about Lionel Richie Ex-Wife?

  • Brenda Harvey-Richie is an American businesswoman.
  • She is the ex-wife of Grammy Award-winning musician Lionel Richie.
  • Her birthday is September 3rd, 1952.
  • She is Lucille and Marshall Harvey’s daughter.
  • She owns a multimillion-dollar property in Los Angeles, California.

Who is Brenda Harvey-Richie?

Brenda Harvey-Richie is an American businesswoman and the ex-wife of Grammy Award-winning musician Lionel Richie. Brenda Harvey-Richie’s marriage lasted for 17 years. The couple also has a daughter.

Brenda Harvey-Richie is from a wealthy family that includes her parents and siblings.

Brenda Harvey-Richie’s birthday is September 3rd, 1952. She is Lucille and Marshall Harvey’s daughter.

Her parents were also prosperous professionals.

Her father was a US Marine Marshall who served in WWII.

Brenda’s mother, on the other hand, was a schoolteacher.

Brenda Harvey-Richie
Brenda Harvey-Richie with her ex-husband .Source: amomama

She previously taught English and Social Studies at Southern Normal High School.

Brenda Harvey Richie and her mother Brenda and her mother are on vacation

Brenda, after all, is not her parents’ only kid.

Stephen Harvey is her only sibling. Brenda is very close to her brother and frequently wishes him a happy birthday.

In addition, she shows her love and gratitude for her parents in several of her posts.

Brenda Harvey-Richie Academic Background

Brenda Harvey-Richie attended Tuskegee University in Alabama.

She met her future husband here.

She was a majorette during her college years.

Furthermore, she won the Miss Tuskegee pageant.

No wonder Lionel had his sights set on this lovely lady.

Brenda Harvey-Richie Lionel Richie’s wife In 1975

Brenda Harvey-Richie never settled down in a long-term relationship after her traumatic divorce from Richie.

Brenda chose to remain single as her ex-husband married again, divorced, and re-entered the dating market.

Brenda and Lionel previously exchanged vows in a private ceremony on October 18th, 1975.

They originally met while attending Tuskegee University.

Brenda dated a guy named Bruce in high school before meeting Lionel in college.

Bruce was her friend’s brother.

She may have dated a few guys here and there, but she never committed to a long-term relationship.

She is enjoying and living her life to the fullest, free of controversies.

She is very active on Twitter, where she publishes regular updates on her life to her thousands of followers.

Brenda and her ex-husband Lionel get along well.

Brenda filed for divorce from her husband Lionel after she discovered him cheating on her red-handed.

Brenda faced Lionel and his then-mistress and later wife, Diane Alexander, at her Beverly Hills condominium.

Brenda Harvey with ex-husband Lionel and daughter Nicole during the Kennedy Award ceremony.

Brenda divorced Lionel in August 1993, following a physical incident between him and his mistress.

He married his mistress Diane a few years after his divorce.

Hearing what happened between Brenda and Lione, one would assume that Lionel and Brenda have a vendetta against each other.

That is not the situation in this case. They’ve both moved on and are now on excellent terms.

Brenda even sends her ex-husband a happy birthday or if one of his songs reaches the top of the Billboard charts, and she posts random images of the couple.

It is reported that after the birth of Brend and Lionel’s first grandchild, Harlow, their relationship gradually improved.

Brenda hired a private investigator to investigate Lionel’s infidelity: She Dumped His Second Wife

Brenda began fearing her husband was having an affair as their relationship began to deteriorate, according to tabloids.

She allegedly then hired a private investigator to determine whether Lionel is truly cheating or not.

She was shocked to learn that he was cheating on her with one of the models from his music videos.

Lionel Richie’s second wife and children

Then, on June 29, 1988, she discovered that Lionel was living in a Beverly Hills condominium with an unknown female friend.

She decided to confront him after catching him red-handed.

Brenda went on a rampage as soon as she found both of them, and literally dropped-kicked Lionel.

Lionel, being the wise man that he is, promptly fled the flat.

Brenda then turned towards Diane and began bashing her up.

Brenda was detained shortly after authorities arrived on the scene.

She was accused of causing bodily harm to a husband, resisting arrest, vandalism, and domestic violence.

She is the owner of a music publishing company.

Brenda has been running BRP Publishing, a music publishing company, since 1993.

Brenda is the CEO / President of the company, which is situated in Los Angeles.

Surprisingly, she started working for the company the same month she and Lionel divorced.

Brenda appears to have received one of Lionel’s music publishing companies as part of the divorce settlement.

Brenda Richie Harvey is also close to the Jackson family.

Being the wife of a celebrity has its advantages.

You get to meet a lot of famous people in the entertainment industry, and the same is true here.

She met several famous people while married to Richie, including the Jackson family.

Brenda formed a strong bond with the family after meeting them so early on.

She is, in fact, Michael Jackson’s sister La Toya Jackson’s dearest friend.

She was very close to Michael Jackson and still has several early images with the late pop legend.

Brenda Richie is a single mother with a special bond with Lionel’s child.

From the film The Second Marriage

Brenda and Lionel never had biological children, but they adopted the daughter of Lionel’s bandmate, Peter Michael Escovedo.

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Everything About Mason Fulp

Lionel and Brenda first took in Peter’s daughter Nicole because her birth parents were unable to care for her.

They adopted Nicole when she was nine years old, after a few years.

Brenda also has a friendly relationship with Lionel’s other family members.

She has a close relationship with his daughter Sofia Richie and his current fiancée, Lisa Parigi.

Brenda Harvey-Richie Salary

Brenda was undoubtedly compensated millions of dollars following her divorce settlement with Lionel.

Furthermore, she owns a multimillion-dollar property in Los Angeles, California.