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Boban Marjanovic and his wife Milica Krsti are both tall.

Boban Marjanovic
  • Boban Marjanovic is a professional basketball
  • Marjanovic is one of the world’s tallest basketball players.
  • He is claimed to have a pituitary gland disorder
  • He has a large following on Instagram

Who is Boban Marjanovic?

Boban Marjanovic is a professional basketball player from Serbia, and fans are currently curious about the height difference he has with his significant other. Boban Marjanovic is a professional basketball player from Serbia.

He is presently a member of the National Basketball Association’s Dallas Mavericks (NBA). He performs as a center.

Marjanovic has a significant edge, and that is his height.

His height is substantially higher than that of other players, giving him an immediate edge on the floor.

Milica Krsti, Boban Marjanovic’s wife Height Distinction: How Tall Are They?

Boban Marjanovic is one of the world’s tallest basketball players.

His height has long been a source of fascination and media attention.

Marjanovic is a married man, although his wife is much shorter than he is.

For a long time, fans have been curious about their height disparity.

Boban is approximately 7 feet 3 inches tall, while his wife Milica is approximately 5 feet 3 inches tall.

The contrast in height between the two is quite evident to the naked eye.

However, their love is incredibly strong, and they both adore their height disparity and could not be happier.

Boban and Milica married in 2014.

They had been dating for almost six years before getting married.

So they’ve been together for a long time.

At the time, the couple has two children.

They appear to be really happy and in love nowadays.

boban marjanovic wife
marjanovic with his wife source: Twitter

Marjanovic, Boban Investigating Parents and Family

Boban Marjanovic was born to Smilja Marjanovic, and his father’s name is unknown.

He was born and reared in Boljevac, Serbia’s easternmost city.

His parents are both of average height.

His father is 5 feet 9 inches tall, and his mother’s height is unknown, but she is likewise tall.

Boban, on the other hand, has grown tremendously since he was a child.

He is claimed to have a pituitary gland disorder, which caused and contributed to his height.

He was already 6 foot 10 inches tall when he was 14, and he began playing basketball soon after.

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On Instagram, you can find Boban Marjanovic.

@boban is Boban Marjanovic’s Instagram handle.

He has a large following on Instagram, with 905k followers, however, he only follows back roughly 855 people.

Boban also has an Instagram account that has been verified.

He has 325 posts on his Instagram account thus far.

He is quite active on social media, posting virtually every other day.

Marjanovic frequently posts photos of himself with his family and on the floor with his colleagues.