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Becca Longo

Becca Longo

Becca Longo is an American football player. Becca Longo set a record by being the first woman to get a college football scholarship. She will be transferred to a Division II or higher NCAA school. Adams State University has signed a Letter of Intent with her.

Becca had previously been a three-sport athlete at Basha High School and Queen Creek High School.

Her kicking abilities were strong, precise, and unblemished.

Early Life, Family, and Education

Becca Longo was born on March 17, 1989, in Chandler, Arizona, to Andrea and Bob Longo.

Becca has an elder brother, Bobby Longo, who is eleven years her senior.

Becca comes from a long line of athletes, and athleticism runs in her veins.

Becca has had an insatiable desire for athletics since she was a child, which has contributed to her having the athletic potential she presently possesses.

To put it another way, at the tender age of four, she was already at ease standing on the water sky.

When she was nine years old, she simply blew everything aside while kicking soccer balls.

She was a warrior, a fierce competitor who never gave up, as far as she recalls.

Becca was always awestruck by her older brother’s performance, which she both admired and competed with.

Bobby, Becca’s older brother, must have played defensive end for their high school football team, but he was a true hero to her.

Becca was always eager to pick up on all of his brother’s tricks and techniques on the field.

But hardcore challenges were waiting in a line.

She was a girl, and football was a boy’s thing, whereas girls were expected to only serve as a cheerleader.

She had to be really tough to give a tough competition to the athletes.

With the comments that Becca went through every time to be a girl footballer, she had to refuel herself with positivity every time, which she did adorably.

She could even hear the sound of the kicker’s foot trying to make links with the ball on the ground.

She is fond of all those memories associated with football.

Moreover, during an interview with Rocky Mountain PBS, Becca shared one more role model in her life from her older brother’s football team. She did not mention her name.

Still, after seeing that girl play football, she realized only men are not meant for football; even girls can excel.

She watched that girl play football whole, she was six, and her brother was seventeen at that time.

Facts of Becca Longo

Full Name Rebecca Longo
Birth Date March 17, 1999
Birth Place Chandler, Arizona, US
Nick Name Longo
Religion Not known
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Basha High School, Adams State University
Horoscope Pisces
Father’s name Bob Longo
Mother’s name Andrea
Siblings Bobby Longo
Age 23 years old
Height 5 feet 9 inches (1.8m)
Weight 140 lb (64kg)
Teams played for Adams State Grizzlies, Gila River Hawks
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Jersey No. 28
Build Athlete
Marital Status Unmarried ( In a relationship)
Boyfriend James Ackel
Position Kicker
Profession Football player
Net Worth Not known
Salary Not known
Currently Plays for Gila River Hawks
Recognition The first woman to earn a college football scholarship
Active Since 2017- present
Social Media Twitter, Instagram

Net Worth

Becca Longo throws off a powerful kick and heckles beauty with mightiness. So yet, there has been no reliable information about Becca’s net worth.

On top of that, she’s still a college player with a long way to go.

High School Career

Becca was curious to choose her high school and college to help explore her capacity like every other player. She went on to attend Basha High School in Chandler, Arizona.

She played various sports there. After all, she was a true athlete and showed up for football, basketball, and soccer.

During her sophomore year, Becca jumped off with football in a competitive manner.

She also remained a junior varsity kicker at Queen Creek High in Arizona, but she was allegedly benched out for her junior year after switching to Basha High.

While she plunged into her last year of high school, Becca converted 35 extra points on 38 attempts. She was proved to be an emperor in the field attempting for 30 yards.

She also had her father’s immense support for all of this when she decided to kick a different ball.

Becca always wanted to push the boundaries and break the limits, especially for those who are stereotyped in saying girls are not meant for football.

Her parents also drove her to Gilbert Christian High school to attend a kicking camp hosted by the Arizona Cardinals.

And a fact, without any elaborated training, Becca scored first in a sport she had never played.

When she was on the field, she never felt new with the coach or players, and also, the first time she put on that jersey filled her with joy.

College Career

Becca and her father compile her early high school play game videos and form a delightful highlight.

Accidentally, Adams State offensive coordinator Josh Blankenship happen to come across Becca’s homegrown talent as a kicker. She nailed the art of kicking.

Blankenship was looking for a hardcore kicker and eventually decided to see her on the real ground and headed to Basha.

After which, a fortunate moment took place in her life; Becca was called for a tryout, and eventually, she impressed everyone with the toughest kick that she gave with her right leg. It was an eye-popping one.

Indeed, he was a true coach to judge Becca from any norms, culture, stereotype, looks, background, status, or gender.

When Becca joined Adams State University to perform for Adams State Grizzlies, she was redshirted for a year.

Becca Longo
Becca Longo posing in the field. Source: totalprosports

Following that, she faced an untimely ankle injury during the 2018 season and had to leave her scholarship without notching a kick or playing a down in a game.

Becca also shared this information via her social media handle and was aware of her fans that she is not stopping and looking for other better opportunities.

And suddenly, news popped up about her joining Gila River Hawks, a newly formed 4-team Hohokam Junior College Athletic Conference.

Becca remained 4-for-7 in PATs for the first two games and successfully attempted 22 yards.

Bullying, Tough Days, and Transition

It was never too smooth for a girl to reach a spot out here and make a name for being the first female athlete to get an NCAA scholarship.

No matter how well she did as a kicker, Becca’s meritocracy could not stop the severe sexism and biases.

People would post on the infobahn saying, Is she wearing her jersey, or is it her boyfriend’s jersey? And in response to that, Becca would laugh it out loud for an entire season.

For a society, which is still full of stereotypical people and misogynist men, it seems really hard to digest that Becca was doing exceptionally well as a kicker, kickass on the ground.

Not even that, her own peers and her mates could not accept the fact; she was actually one of the good players.

Enough of the traditional boundaries and the common rules, she urged to move to Basha High School after facing mostly at Queen Creek.

Well, being emotionally and mentally strong was only the way to hold her defense mechanism.

Unlike Becca’s high school days, her college days were quite changed. The players would no longer treat her as an outsider. She was warmly welcomed.

She knew that her high school was a part, and college kicking is something different. Longo had to grow, no matter what.

Well, thanks to the football scholarship that identified her as the first-ever female on an athletic scholarship.

Personal Life and Boyfriend

It is no doubt that Becca Longo has been proved a sensation for the younger generation to come. She has served as an example to all the wanted-to-be football players out there.

She has proved, that things are not easy and smooth, but there is nothing that you cannot do.

Many would ponder on Becca’s personal life and her hook-ups and affairs coming to her personal aspects of life.

We tried searching on the whole internet, but not even a single revelation could be cracked out regarding her affairs.

But yes, scrolling over her Instagram posts, we found something intriguing. In one of her Instagram posts, she has posted a picture with a guy named James Ackel captioning,

“I may be a little biased but I definitely had the most handsome wedding date (and the best dancer too)I love you so much thank you for always taking me on new adventures! Many more to come”.

It’s clear enough that she is into someone and prudently serious about her career at the same time.

Moreover, to bring in a fruitful change, Becca has to urge to take a drastic step and battle against the ultra-misogynist.

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Presence on Social Media

Becca Longo, on the other hand, is not only a player but also an influencer.

She has been observed guiding children who are passionate about football.

After getting into football, she has really raised the bar.

We can follow Becca on Instagram and Twitter, where she appears to be very active and has a large number of followers.

Her Twitter has a total of 6,824 followers and she has 34.1k Instagram followers.

Simply put, after getting to know Becca, one might conclude that she wanted to prove and defend feminism.

To be clear, there are women in society who are similarly anti-women and behave in an annoying manner, and there are males who are equally supportive of women.

As a result, feminism is not a biological phenomenon, but rather a strong idea.