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Avan Jogia: Suspected of Being Abused by “Victorious” Creator

Avan Jogia
  • Avan Jogia is a Canadian actor.
  • He is now suspected of being a victim of abuse, which occurred while he was working on Nickelodeon’s sitcom.
  • The details first surfaced when Jennette McCurdy, author of the memoir I’m Glad My Mom Died, revealed in her memoir that a man she referred to as “The Creator” abused her and other young actors.
  • He also revealed that he was offered hush money in exchange for remaining silent about her experiences working with “The Creator.”
  • Netizens pointed out that actor Jogia could be another star who might have had the same experience.

Avan Jogia is a Canadian actor. Avan Jogia rose to prominence as Danny Desai in the Nickelodeon series Twisted after making his debut as Beck Oliver in Victorious.

Avan Jogia is suspected of being a victim of ‘The Creator’s abuse

Avan Jogia, one of the Victorious cast members, is now being suspected by fans of being a victim of “The Creator’s” abuse.

Adding to the thread, the same user mentioned various creepy things that happened at Nickelodeon, such as how “The Creator” used Britney Spears’ fame to create Zoey 101, only to mock her mental health later on.

The user also posted excerpts from the book as proof, in which McCurdy revealed how “The Creator” got in trouble with the network for emotional abuse and was barred from being near the actors.

In addition, Jogia stated in a recent TikTok video that he did not remember filming Victorious but did remember partying every night.

As previously stated, McCurdy claimed that she was pressured to drink while underage, that she was massaged at work, and that Nickelodeon offered her $300,000 to keep everything a secret.

When she refused to drink alcohol offered by “The Creator,” he said, “The Victorious kids get drunk together all the time.

The iCarly kids are so sweet. We need to give you guys an advantage.”

Avan Jogia
Avan Jogia in one of his acting scenes. Source: networtheightsalary

According to The New York Times, I’m Glad My Mom Died is now one of the Amazon Books Editor’s best Biographies & Memoirs of August, where she discussed her troubled relationship with her mother, who controlled virtually every aspect of her existence.4

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Fans have reacted positively to the memoir, with many expressing how much happiness McCurdy deserves in her life.

“What an incredible story; you are a survivor,” “First memoir I’ve ever read and it’s Incredible,” and “SO sorry you had to be abused by forcing yourself to dress scantily and drink alcohol when you played Sam on iCarly when you were 12,” are just a few of the comments fans have made after reading her memoir.