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Who Is AuronPlay ? Let’s Know Everything About Him

  • AuronPlay is a Spanish YouTube comedian who makes humorous comments on social issues.
  • AuronPlay’s main YouTube channel has over 25 million subscribers.
  • AuronPlay was born on November 5, 1988, in Barcelona, Spain.
  • He is of Spanish nationality.
  • Similarly, his given name is Raul Alvarez Genes.
  • He has a net worth of $9.9 million.

AuronPlay is a Spanish YouTube comedian that makes witty remarks on societal topics. The primary YouTube channel for AuronPlay has over 25 million users.

Similarly, he has three books published: De lo peor, lo Mejor: Los Consejos de Auron, “AuronPlay, El Libro,” and El Juego del Hater.

AuronPlay’s, Age?

AuronPlay was born in Barcelona, Spain on November 5, 1988.

He was born under the sign of Scorpio and is 32 years old. He is of Spanish origin.

Raul Alvarez Genesis is also his given name.

Silvia Genes Arenas is his mother’s name, but his father’s name is unknown.

He also has a four-year-old older brother and a sixteen-year-old sister, the names of whom are unknown.

AuronPlay posing for the photo – Sources; Healthy Celeb

He also owns a black cat named Don Gato. Auron likes to spend time with his family and his cat.

On the other hand, he seldom talks about his family on social media.

And intends to keep them out of the limelight and social circles.

Auron’s educational history and qualifications are currently unavailable, as are the names of the educational institutions he attended.

Auron, considering his age, must have completed both high school and university.

Unless and until Raul drops out or decides to stop his studies.

AuronPlay’s net worth

In terms of revenue and income, YouTube is his major source of money.

According to estimations, he has a net worth of $9.9 million.

In addition, he has uploaded 401 videos, with a total of almost 2.7 billion views.

Is AuronPlay in a relationship or single?

Auron is potentially single right now.

He looks to be more concerned with his business and YouTube than he is with his relationship.

AuronPlay posing for the photo – Sources; Bio gossipy

Perhaps Auron likes to keep his personal and love life out of the public eye.

He was previously in a relationship with a notable Instagrammer named BJean, according to

Aside from that, no more information is available at this time.

AuronPlay’s height

Auron’s bodily dimensions, which include his height, weight, chest size, waist size, hip size, bicep size, and other metrics, are not yet accessible.

Auron’s measurements are currently being scrutinized. He also has brown hair and dark brown eyes.

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AuronPlay’s Career Path

At the age of 16, Auron began working at a printing firm, where he would spend the following 9 years.

On February 28, 2006, he created his YouTube channel “AuronPlay,” which has had 3,355,883,447 views to date. His films in 2008 were largely assessments of various themes.

In 2012, Auron had committed himself to create multiple “video-criticisms” of other YouTubers, like JPelirrojo, who nearly caused him to quit his channel.

He went so far as to critique the phenomena of gameplays. And his critical vision and hardness without hairs on the tongue swiftly won him a slew of adversaries and feuds with other YouTubers.

As a result of the strikes, his channel was forced to close, causing him to reevaluate what content he should publish.

From then till now, his YouTube account has been devoted to funny criticisms of other controversial videos on the network.

Auron also creates phone gags and collections of more amusing forum messages. Similarly, his Internet celebrity skyrocketed as a result of this new work.

Furthermore, in July 2015, Auron shared the video Los Burlaos by Josemi, in which he critiques his song, resulting in a big repercussion and a rise in views and subscribers. He then made a lot of other videos based on that one.

AuronPlay working for his youtube video – Sources; Vandal

Furthermore, from the end of 2016, the majority of his movies from 2012 to 2013 have been kept secret. Similarly, his most recent videos are vastly different from those of the past.

In addition, “Auron” is his other channel, where he typically uploads miscellaneous stuff, such as ASMRs and Instagram stories. He began submitting videos more often once they found recordings from his Twitch account.

He streams Karmaland, GTA V Roleplay Series: SpainRP, and other games on Twitch. Despite the fact that it began posting videos in 2018, this channel was founded on December 12, 2013.

Auronplay’s debut novel, “The Hater Game,” was disclosed in the video I RETURN TO MY OLD JOB. The story revolves around a renowned YouTuber who makes a phone joke about the silliness of his job to a person who creates celebrity replica dolls.

However, because the guy who was playing the prank was not very clever and did not take the joke well, he chooses to make things miserable for the Youtuber.

And “2000 jokes” alludes to the fact that during the previous season, Auron started a lot of tapes reading with him in which he said crappy jokes since they are so poor.

Furthermore, many people believed it, while others did not since they knew the YouTuber, but the number of people who believed it was massive.

Auron was amused at first, but subsequently claimed that the problem had grown out of hand, so they stopped doing it in quantity; nonetheless, they still do it, albeit less regularly.

This is also done by Luisito Comunica and DrossRotzank. Later, this continued, and many people believed it, encouraging him to create a sequel.

Later in his REACTING TO MY MEMES # 5 video, he is accused of inventing the coronavirus, and many people believe him.