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Atsuko Remar: Who Is James Remar Wife?

  • Atsuko Remar is the wife of James Remar, an actor.
  • Remar is a Japanese actress.
  • Atsuko and her actor husband, James, married in 1984 and have so far avoided the Hollywood curse of divorce.
  • Lisa, Atsuko and James’ daughter, is a singer who goes by the stage name Nana Felix.

Who is Atsuko Remar?

Atsuko Remar is the wife of James Remar, an actor. James, Atsuko Remar’s husband, is well-known for his roles as Richard Wright and Harry Morgan in the television shows Sex and the City and Dexter, respectively.

Atsuko Remar, James Remar’s wife, is Japanese

Atsuko Remar is a Japanese actress.

Although this has not been established, some believe she was born in the early to mid-1950s.

Her name means “child of deep emotions.”

However, there isn’t much to say about the Dexter actor’s wife.

Some feel Atsuko’s lack of interest in living a celebrity life, let alone giving interviews or attending as many red carpets, stems from her Japanese heritage.

Remar, James Remar’s wife, is not visible on social media.

Atsuko Remar
Atsuko Remar with her husband. Source: gettyimages

Furthermore, little is known about her early life. She is widely considered to be in her late 60s.

What adds to the mystery is that she is also not visible on social networking sites.

Furthermore, the facts that would have disclosed her ancestry are likewise in the middle of nowhere.

Nonetheless, she is widely considered to be in her late 60s.

Atsuko Remar’s been married to James for over 30 years

Atsuko Remar and her actor husband, James, married in 1984 and have so far avoided the Hollywood curse of divorce.

They’ve been married for almost 30 years.

The Warriors star, on the other hand, has kept the identity of his longstanding companion a closely guarded secret.

Atsuko and her actor husband have two children together, a son Jason and a daughter Lisa.

Atsuko Remar’s Son Is An Actor As Well

Jason, Atsuko Remar’s son, followed in his father’s footsteps.

He appeared in TV shows such as Magnum I.P. and Wilfred.

Jason made his start as a police officer in the action/crime movie Gunslinger (2010).

He later starred as Grocery Clerk in an episode of FX’s Wilfred titled Intuition (2013).

In 2017, he played Nakamon in the action film High and Low: The Movie 2 -End of Sky (2017).

Her Daughter Is An Artist

Lisa, Atsuko and James’ daughter, is a singer who goes by the stage name Nana Felix.

When discussing her father, The Warriors, James’ artist daughter noted that her actor father is extremely different in real life from the characters he normally plays.

Lisa Remar, Atsuko Remar’s daughter, released her EP “Splendor” in July 2015.

She claims she has a really loving father in real life, and she finds it amusing how different he is from many of the characters he plays.

In July 2015, Atsuko’s daughter released her EP “Splendor.”

Is Atsuko Remar still married to her actor husband?

Given James and his wife, Atsuko’s, ultra-private personal life, it’s easy to wonder if the Remar couple is still together.

True, the Japanese American pair does not make as many public appearances or speak openly about their personal lives.

However, there haven’t been many indications that the old-time pair has separated or not.

Atsuko is still widely assumed to be the wife of the Sex and the City star.

Why Wasn’t Her Husband, James Remar, Invited To The Dexter Revival?

Atsuko’s husband, James Remar, played a key role in Michael C. Hall’s Showtime murder thriller series Dexter.

And it was understandable for series fans to be surprised when they learned James Remar would not be appearing in Dexter’s comeback.

Jennifer Carpenter replaced Atsuko’s spouse’s character in the revival, therefore the actress will now be the voice inside Dexter’s brain.

As a result, many series fans were taken aback, all wondering why Remar didn’t make the reappearance.

Then, in November 2021, showrunner Clyde Phillips responded in an interview.

As it turns out, James’ absence from the revival is due to the writer’s desire to try something fresh.

Phillip stated that he and the other writers would not do the same with James.

He went on to say that they had a fantastic opportunity to accomplish it with Carpenter’s character, Debra Morgan.

Phillip went on to describe how Harry was more of a father figure whereas Debra plays Dexter’s uncertainty.

He stated that with her character, Dexter feels more at ease arguing rather than simply listening to the voice within his head.

Phillip noted that Deb’s hatred for Dexter’s murder is something that brings what is right in the plot.

“Perhaps having her in his ear is exactly what he needs to keep him on a better path,” the showrunner reasoned.

In Dexter, what role did Atsuko Remar’s husband play?

James Remar, Atsuko’s long-term spouse, played Harry Morgan, the titular character’s father, on Dexter.

He instilled in his kid, Dexter, the ethos that he would only kill other criminals.

James’ character later becomes his son’s conscience.

Remar appears on Dexter for all eight seasons.

In 2013, the series concluded with the man faking his death and departing Miami for the wilderness.

Why Did Her Husband Leave James Cameron’s Aliens? (1986)

Many people are unaware that Atsuko’s spouse appeared in filmmaker James Cameron’s 1986 hit film Aliens, starring Sigourney Weaver.

He’d even appeared in a few scenes as Corporal Dwayne Hicks.

James initially portrayed Hicks, customizing his armor with a heart and a padlock.

However, the production later sacked him and replaced him with Michael Biehn.

It was frequently stated by the studio that it was due to “artistic disputes” between Atsuko’s husband and filmmaker James Cameron.

However, in episode #128 of the ‘Sidebar’ podcast, the Cotton Club performer confessed that he was sacked from the production due to drug use.

Atsuko Remar’s father noted that this happened during a moment in his life when he had developed a horrible drug problem. James is still in the finished picture.

He’s in the moment where the marines break inside the alien nest.

The actor appears to be wearing the same armor as Michael Biehn from behind.

The rear background makes it impossible to distinguish between the two actors

Is Atsuko Remar’s husband, James Remar, as wealthy as she is?

Given the preceding fact that James Remar’s Japanese American wife is exceedingly shy when it comes to media, the query “what is her net worth?” is a non-starter.

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Atsuko Remar keeps her personal life very quiet.

As a result, little is known about her age and early life.

In fact, it’s possible that discussing her financial situation is the last thing Ms. Ramer would say.

That is unless she appears for a once-in-a-lifetime interview.

As a result, the disclosure of her financial assets is clearly an answer in the far future.

Regardless, it is probable that she may lead a relatively comfortable life.

If nothing else, she has the full backing of her husband, who has a net worth of approximately $5 million.