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Is Anto Garabet Dating Someone? Let’s Know Everything About Him

  • Garabet is a true Armenian original and on the 15th of June, 1993, he was born there.
  • He does have two sisters, however. Garabet claims that the family struggled in Armenia in the past.
  • He now has a net worth of approximately $1 million as a result of all of his hard work and time invested in his channel.
  • He has short black hair, as well.
  • Anto is 5′ 6′′ tall and weighs around 63kg.

Anto Garabet, popularly known as AntoDaBoss on YouTube, is an Armenian-American with over 2 million subscribers. Anto Garabet is a football aficionado who likes creating sports material for his YouTube channel.

Anto Garabet’s, Age?

Garabet is an authentic Armenian original. He was born there on June 15th, 1993.

In 2021, he will be 28 years old. He is the only son in his family.

He does, however, have two sisters. Garabet believes that the family struggled in the past in Armenia.

Anto Garabet
Anto Garabet posing for the photo – Sources; Celebily

They ultimately moved to the United States and no longer live in Baltimore, Maryland.

Aside from that, Garabet has not disclosed the names of his family members or his educational background.

While in Armenia, he did play soccer.

How much money does Anto Garabet have?

As a successful YouTuber, Anto has received a Gold Play button.

His subscriptions and views are continually increasing, and this has turned into his principal source of revenue.

He earns around $50,000 every year.

As a consequence of all of his hard work and time put into his channel, he now has a net worth of almost $1 million.

Is Anto Garabet in a relationship?

Garabet’s current girlfriend is Stephanie Clark. Stephanie Rose is a fashion and lifestyle blogger with 92k subscribers on her YouTube account Stephanie Rose.

Anto Garabet
Anto Garabet with his girlfriend – Sources; Celebily

Anto and Stephanie started dating on July 7, 2015, and they celebrated their fifth anniversary this year.

They like traveling and watching football games together.

Stephanie has appeared in videos with Garabet.

The two have been together since before they became famous and are a very loving and happy pair.

Anto Garabet’s height

Garabet, a YouTuber of Armenian descent, has a distinct personality.

He has a little bloated face, dark brown eyes, and a black beard.

He also has short black hair. Anto stands 5’6″ tall and weighs about 63kg.

There are currently no further statistics available.

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Anto Garabet’s professional history

Anto, who used to like playing, chose to pursue a career in filmmaking when he entered middle school.

He then started making short movies and showing them to his students.

Despite this, his love of football never faded. In July 2009, Garabet created his YouTube channel ‘AntoDaBoss.’

In the first several months after the debut, Anto did not upload any content.

In March of 2010, he uploaded his debut video, titled ‘NBA 2k10 Where Amazing Does Not Happen.’

The channel did not become successful overnight, but it did gradually attract a committed audience.

There are presently 2 million subscribers to the service. Similarly, all of his films garner hundreds of thousands of views within a few days of being released.

His most popular video has also gotten over 3 million views.

In August of 2017, this video, named ‘Madden 18 Longshot Walkthrough – The Beginning Ep.1,’ was uploaded.

The majority of the channel’s programming features Anto playing video games such as Madden, NBA 2K, and FIFA.

Despite this, he has created films of himself playing indoor games, lifestyle vlogs, and Q&As. Garabet, in addition to YouTube, has his own website for his clothing line and goods.