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Andrew Santino

Andrew Santino

Who is Andrew Santino?

Andrew Santino is a stand-up comedian, podcast host, and actor. Andrew Santino is best known for his roles in The Office (2012), This Is Us (2016), and The Disaster Artist (2017). He also hosts the podcasts Whiskey Ginger and Bad Friends.

Early Life and Childhood

Andrew Santino was born in the United States on October 16, 1983, in Chicago, Illinois. Andrew’s age is 38.

However, following his parents’ divorce, he was raised solely by his mother. He also credits his grandfather with introducing him to comedy.

Furthermore, his grandfather could make anyone laugh, and he is the man Andrew aspired to be and greatly admired.

Education Details

Andrew Santino graduated from Naperville North High School and holds a high school diploma. Andrew also has a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University.

Professional Career

Santino is the podcast host of Whiskey Ginger. Furthermore, this is a comedy podcast in which Andrew interviews friends from the entertainment industry as they reflect on their deviant pasts while sipping whiskey.

He has also appeared as a guest on The HoneyDrew podcast with Ryan Sickler.

Aside from hosting the Whiskey Ginger podcast, Andrew also co-hosts the Bad Friends podcast with Bobby Lee. Because of the fans, he and Bobby started a podcast.

This is because a large number of fans enjoyed it whenever the two appeared on each other’s podcasts.

He is a well-known stand-up comedian who was introduced to comedy by his grandfather, who was also a comedian.

Furthermore, his childhood was shaped by big commercial comedies, and his father showed him Animal House. Furthermore, it was goofy, rowdy, and big character-driven comedy that made me fall in love with comedy.

Andrew Santino
Andrew Santino as a comedian. Source: famouspeopletoday

He also revealed that he possesses a lot of natural comedic perspectives. Furthermore, Andrew gets along with a wide range of people from various backgrounds, which influences his comedy and helps to influence the audience.

During a Bobby Lee podcast episode, he revealed that Andrew drives a BMW. Furthermore, in June 2015, Andrew tweeted that he wanted a car that was so fast that it threatened his life.

Furthermore, in September 2015, he shared a photo of a car that he had been driving since he was sixteen years old via his Twitter handle.

However, one of his followers asked him to stop talking about a car he bought when he was 16 years old.

Net Worth and Salary

Andrew Santino earns $110,000 per year.

Whether Andrew has been able to accumulate decent career earnings over the years is undisputed. Andrew is worth $5 million.

Relationship Status

Andrew Santino has been happily married to his lovely wife since 2017. However, prior to their marriage, Andrew and his wife both expressed a desire to marry while they were still dating.

He and his wife were friends before dating and eventually marrying. He and his wife went to couples therapy while dating because of some issues.

However, because they didn’t like their therapist’s vibe, the pair ended up hating them. Unfortunately, Andrew has not revealed the identity of his wife or whether he has any children from his marriage.

Body Measurements

He stands taller than average.

Social Media

His Instagram handle is @cheetosantino.

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  • Andrew was born on October 16, 1983, in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States.
  • He has been married to his lovely wife since 2017.
  • Andrew is worth $5 million.
  • He stands 6 feet 1 inch tall ( approx 1.85m ).
  • Santino has been happily married to his lovely wife since 2017.