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Amberlynn Reid

Amberlynn Reid

Amberlynn Reid is a social media star and plus-size model who rose to prominence on her official YouTube channel by posting making videos and daily vlogs about lifestyle, fashion, and her own personal endeavors. Amberlynn Reid now has over 125,000 subscribers.

Early life and Childhood

Amberlynn Reid was born on December 27, 1990, in Key West, Florida.

But grew up in California, moving between foster homes.

Her biological parents were drug addicts, and she had difficulty dealing with their arguments and fights.

So she was taken away from them before she was eight years old.

She is the middle child, with two brothers, one younger and one older.

Unfortunately, her struggles continued, and by the age of 12.

She had moved through several shelters and foster homes before being reclaimed by her parents.

Unfortunately, that didn’t last long, as she began smoking and drinking.

Her parents returned to their old habits. Despite being a bit of a rebel and having a difficult childhood

Education Details

Amberlynn Reid was focused on school and matriculated before enrolling at Brown Mackie College in Tucson, Arizona.

Professional Career

Reid began her career while still in college, and her first video, “Nervous + Awkward + Weight Loss Vlog,.

” became a hit, attracting thousands of people to her channel – the video now has over 65,000 views.

She kept uploading videos about her daily life, such as “Weigh-In + Dancing + More Awkwardness,” and others.

She gradually grew in popularity and decided to devote her entire time to her YouTube career.

Amberlynn’s popularity grew with each new post.

The number of her subscribers grew steadily, from a mere 1,000 to more than 10,000 in less than a year.

But that was nothing compared to the boost she received.

she soon reached 100,000.

Currently, she has 127,000 subscribers, and her videos have been viewed over 60 million times.

Some of her most popular videos include “MUKBANKG | CHINESE FOOD | EAT WITH ME,” .

Which has over 500,000 views, “MUKBANG | EAT WITH ME | SPICY,” which has over 500,000 views, “497” pounds.

Which has over 440,000 views, and “EATING IN PUBLIC AS A FAT GIRL!!!,”.

Which has over 430,000 views, among many others, all of which have contributed significantly to her wealth.

Net Worth and Salary

Amberlynn Reid’s net worth could be as high as $300,000.

Relationship Status

Amberlynn Reid has elevated her personal life to a pedestal.

Amberlynn has a long dating history; in 2008.

She began dating Cassie Cordova, a woman who went through the transgender process and became Kasey.

They were together until 2011.

Amberlynn’s next relationship was with Krystle Siviak, with whom she was in a relationship from 2011 to 2015.

Prior to meeting Becky, Amberlynn was in a relationship with Destiny Cook.

Body Measurement

Amberlynn Reid is 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Amberlynn Reid
Amberlynn Reid has a fat figure. Source: Tuko

She currently weighs around 235kg.

Her body size is 42 inches.

Social Media

Amberlynn rose to prominence on YouTube.

She has since expanded her following on social media platforms, particularly Instagram and Facebook.

Her official Instagram page has over 30,000 followers.

With whom she has shared personal events such as weight loss, among other posts.

You can also find her on Facebook.

She has made her profile more private, and you will need to make a special request to become a fan, and possibly even a friend.

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  • Amberlynn is a social media star and a plus-size model.
  • Her videos have been viewed more than 60 million times.
  • Reid’s net worth is as high as $300,000.
  •  Amberlynn came out as a lesbian and is in a relationship with a woman named Becky Williams.