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Amanda Giese

Amanda Giese

Who is Amanda Giese?

Amanda Giese is a reality TV star known for her compassion for animals. Amanda Giese rose to prominence with her own documentary show “Amanda to the Rescue,” which aired on Animal Planet, and through her own company Panda Paws Rescue, which focuses on caring for animals who have been abused or who are disabled and require special care.

Early life and Childhood

Amanda Giese was born in the United States on January 26, 1983.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t shared much from her childhood, such as information about her birthplace and parents, hiding their names and professions as well.

However, she has stated that she had a difficult childhood and that her parents were abusive to her, causing a strain in their relationship that has yet to be reconciled.

Education Details

Amanda Giese attended veterinary medical school but dropped out before graduation to devote more time to her animal rescue efforts.

Amanda was fascinated by animals from a young age, and the first animal she rescued was a kitten when she was only 11 years old.

Professional Career

Giese worked as a go-go dancer and a nightclub promoter before starting her own company, Panda Paws Rescue.

She did, however, join a veterinary emergency room, where she eventually began honing her skills in animal rehabilitation.

She founded her own organization, Panda Paws Rescue, and became dedicated to rehabilitating injured and disabled animals.

Amanda grew in popularity over time, and she has since saved thousands of animals.

Her efforts were also documented in the Animal Planet channel documentary “Amanda to the Rescue” (2018), which made Amanda a national celebrity, and her popularity has spread throughout the world.

Because of the success of the first documentary, Animal Planet has decided to cast Amanda in the new reality TV show “Amanda to the Rescue,” which will follow her daily activities at her animal rescue center.

The show, which is set to premiere in late 2019, will undoubtedly increase her wealth and popularity.

Net Worth and Salary

Amanda Giese’s total wealth could be worth up to $1 million.

If she continues to work and advance in her career, her wealth will undoubtedly grow in the coming years.

Relationship Status

Amanda Giese was married but hasn’t shared many details about her husband or marriage in general.

Despite the fact that she has two children from this relationship, a daughter named Jade born in 2005 and a son named Beast born in 2003.

Amanda Giese
Amanda Giese with her Family. Source:thecelebsinfo

She was engaged to photographer Gary Walters, but she hasn’t revealed when the two started dating or when their romance ended.

This has sparked rumors that she is battling cancer, but Amanda has stated that she is perfectly healthy and simply enjoys being bold.

As of early 2019, her new man is Jeffrey Roy, but little is known about him.

Body Measurement

Amanda Giese is 5feet 7inches tall, which equates to 1.7m, and her weight is currently unknown.

Amanda’s vital statistics are also unknown, despite her slim build. Amanda is known for her unusual haircut; she is daring.

Her eyes are blue, but she shaves her hair, despite having naturally brown hair.

Social Media

Amanda has become quite popular on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where she has shared her most recent professional endeavors as well as some personal events.

Her official Instagram page has over 50,000 followers, and she has also started the Amanda to the Rescue Instagram page, which has over 30,000 loyal fans eagerly awaiting new episodes of the critically acclaimed show.

Amanda can also be found on Twitter, where she has around 2,500 followers.

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  • Amanda is a reality TV star, who is known for her care for animals; she gained stardom with her own documentary show “Amanda to the Rescue” aired on Animal Planet.
  • Her own company Panda Paws Rescue, focuses on taking care of animals that have experienced abuse, or are disabled and need special attention.
  •  Giese’s The show is scheduled to premiere late in 2019, which will undoubtedly further increase her wealth and popularity.
  •  Amanda is in a relationship with a man named Jeffrey Roy.
  • Giese is known for her odd haircut; she is bold.