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All About Patty Mills Wife, Alyssa Mills!

Patty Mills’s Wife, Alyssa Mills!

Alyssa Mills was first introduced to fame and prominence as Patty Mills’ wife, but she is much more than that. She is a business owner and the founder of a swimwear firm.

Patty Mills and Alyssa Mills, while coming from different ethnic backgrounds, maintain an intimate bond and give excellence as a couple.

Many people are interested in Patty Mills when they became famous through their marriage.

In this essay, we will go over Alyssa Mills’ life, her marriage, and her family.

Body Dimensions

Alyssa Mills has a small physique and an athletically toned frame.

She is tall, standing at 1.82 meters (6 feet), and weighing 66 kg (145 lbs).

Alyssa has a pale skin tone and an oval-shaped facial structure in terms of physical attractiveness.

She has dark brown eyes and medium-length blonde hair.

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Patty Mills’ Wife | Childhood

Alyssa (full name Alyssa Levesque Mills) was born under the sign of Leo on August 2, 1994.

She is the eldest daughter of Juliana D’Olivo Levesque and James Levesque, who live in Martinez, California, USA.

Similarly, she has two younger brothers, Alex Levesque and Zakary Bradshaw Levesque.

Alyssa mentioned that she has a strong link with her parents, and her mother is the one she looks up to.

Alyssa Mills
Alyssa Mills with her husband Source: MySA

Many people thought Alyssa was an Australian until she revealed her status as an American.

Many people referred to her as a “hot Bondi chick” when she attended the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup.

This expression referred to a beach in Australia called Bondi.

As a result, her spouse, Patty Mills, later announced on Twitter that she is an American, not an Australian.


Allysa Mills received her academic training at Carondelet High School.

She continued her schooling at Saint Mary’s College after that. Patty Mills also attended this university.

Alyssa played forward for her college team during her scholastic career.

Not to mention, she was later declared eligible for the WNBA Draft in 2021. Aside from that, Alyssa is a fantastic swimmer.

She graduated from university with a degree in Business, where she studied Finance.

Patty Mills’ Wife | Work

Alyssa Mills has been a well-known personality since her college days.

She began with basketball, then moved on to swimming, and finally to business.

Today, she is the founder and owner of the StraitSwim suit line, which is based in Australia’s far north.

Alyssa’s firm was first inspired by her husband’s home and his Aboriginal and Torres Strait background, according to sources.

They capture the essence of the very typical Torres Strait Islands in Australia’s far north.

As a result, her swimsuit line combines and tells the tale of its unique culture.

Personal Life of Patty Mills’ Wife

Alyssa is currently married to Patty Mills, her college lover.

They met at Saint Mary’s College in California during their college years.

Many people believe they met during their college basketball days, despite the fact that little is known about them.

After years of friendship, Alyssa and Patty began dating between 2014 and 2015.

The couple kept their romance private for many years and just married in July 2019.

They did, however, get engaged on May 12, 2018.


Alyssa Mills and Patty Mills exchanged wedding vows in the traditional manner, with the groom and bride’s family and relatives clothed in traditional attire.

The wedding theme was dedicated to African Tribe Culture as they tied the knot in Waimea Valley.

Patty Mills wore a burgundy suit to the wedding, while his groomsmen wore beige suits with cropped pants.

Similarly, bride Alyssa Mills donned a white lace-covered gown, while her bridesmaids wore off-white floor-length gowns.

Alyssa and Patty held their reception party in Waimea Falls Park after their wedding.

Not to add that they had a welcome party for the guests before the ceremony even began.

Several top-tier celebrities and players, including Tim Duncan, Boris Diaw, Spur Derrick, and others, attended their lovely wedding.


The couple did not go on their honeymoon immediately after their wedding, as typical couples do.

It’s not that they didn’t have an initial plan for their honeymoon; they simply postponed it.

Alyssa and Patty traveled to Walgett in order to help with the town’s water problem.

The town hadn’t had a waterfall in almost a year, and their only grocery shop had caught fire.

As a result, the couple forewent their honeymoon to assist the town.

Charity is Patty Mills’ wife.

The team collaborates on numerous humanitarian projects for society and its people.

One of the many initiatives they oversee is the Community Water Project in Australia.

Patty Mills, as a black guy, has faced racism in the past.

Patty’s confidence and work have been supported by Alyssa during this difficult period.

Today, the pair has established Team Mills, a non-profit organization.

This foundation is dedicated to assisting communities all over the world.

They work to keep environmental and wildlife conservation activities going.

Patty Mills is a person

Patty Mills (full name Patrick Sammy Mills) is an Australian professional basketball player who now plays for the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets.

He made his professional debut as the 50th overall pick in the second round of the 2009 NBA Draft.

Patty has been a significant contributor to the NBA field as a player during his career.

In terms of his personal history, he was born and reared in Canberra on August 11, 1988.

His father, Benny Mills, is of Torres Strait Islander descent, while his mother, Yvonne, is of Aboriginal Australian descent.

Earnings and net worth

At this time, Alyssa Mills’ net worth is unknown.

She does, however, earn hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Meanwhile, her husband has an $8 million net worth and a yearly average salary of $6,037,250.

Patty recently inked a two-year, $12 million contract with the Brooklyn Nets that will expire in 2021.

Along with the contract, he gets a guaranteed value of $12,074,500.

The couple has two residences in the United States, one in San Antonio and one in Hawaii.

Patty’s is one of the residences of King William, which is in the Texas city of San Antonio.

This is a gated brick house with a two-tiered front porch, a swimming pool, and a recent expansion.

Their other residence is a three-bedroom oceanfront property in Hawaii.

The two-story house’s three bedrooms all face the beach, with the master bedroom opening directly onto a balcony that spans the back of the house.

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The Internet of Things

If you’re curious about Alyssa Mills’ personal posts and uploads, check out her social media pages.

She has 38.2k followers on Instagram as Alyssa Mills (@missalyssa Michelle).

Similarly, she has 458 followers on Twitter as Alyssa Mills (@MissAlyssaMills).

You should also follow Patty Mills on social media for his personal uploads.

He has 595k followers on Instagram as Patty Mills (@balapat).

Similarly, he has 135k followers on Facebook as Patrick Mills.

Finally, he has 422k followers on Twitter as Patrick Mills (@Patty Mills).

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