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who is Alex Lerner? His bio, education, career, and relationships

Alex Lerner
  • Alex Lerner was a waiter in a restaurant
  • Alex and Dan Gasby co-hosted a radio show.
  • Lerner is married to business owner Billy Lerner
  • Alex has two children

Alex Lerner, real name Alexandra Isabell Latz, is well-known for her connection with American businessman Dan Gasby. Aside from his sexual connections, he is a well-known New York socialite.

We frequently see her at galas, events, and parties with prominent members of New York’s upper-class diaspora.

Alex is a low-key character, but her celebrity skyrocketed following her connection with a married guy.

Many enraged followers questioned Alex and Dan’s morality, and some even dubbed her a home wrecker.

But when love obscures your vision, you fail to notice the potholes in your path.

And you stop caring what other people think, which is exactly what this couple accomplished.

Fans are eager to learn more about the mysterious Alex Lerner, who has sparked growing hostility toward the pair as a result of their romantic involvement.

Alex Lerner’s Biography, Childhood, and Education

Alex Lerner, an East Hampton socialite, was born in New York City on December 18, 1965.

She is currently 55 years old, and her 56th birthday is coming up in December.

On the internet, there is very little information about her childhood and parents.

She is, nonetheless, of German descent and currently resides in New York.

She is a United States citizen of Caucasian white ethnicity.

She is an ardent Christian. Her educational background has not been revealed.

But it’s safe to assume she’s a well-educated lady.

His astrological sign is Sagittarius, and he is gregarious and risk-taking.

It’s ideal for her character as a well-known socialite.

Alex Lerner was a waiter in a restaurant

Lerner worked at Le Bilboquet, an exclusive New York City restaurant. In 2017, she met Dan Gasby in a bar near the restaurant.

That was the beginning of their relationship, which would eventually develop into a loved one.

Alex’s contentious relationship with Dan Gasby and his late wife B. Smith

Clarence Alvin Gasby, aka Dan Gasby, was born Clarence Alvin Gasby.

Daniel Gasby is a businessman and former executive in the American media.

He had been married to lifestyle influencer B. Smith since 1995 when he began meeting Alex.

B. Smith died on February 22, 2020, after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in 2013.

Dan was always working behind the scenes to support his late wife, B.

Smith’s multi-million dollar business.

Controversial Relationship With Alex

Gasby and Lerner made their relationship public in December 2018 with a social media post.

It’s worth noting that Dan was still married to his Alzheimer’s-stricken wife B. Smith at the time.

Throughout their relationship, the couple was subjected to relentless abuse and allegations from B. Smith fans.

It erupted fairly violently following the death of B. Smith.

They accused Dan of displaying his girlfriend in front of his ailing wife, and some even signed a petition to have Smith removed from Dan’s care.

Some fans even accused Dan of living off his wife’s income and lavishing money on his lover Alex.

Dan had made it obvious on several occasions that Smith approved of his connection with the 55-year-old socialite Lerner.

According to the Washington Post piece, Smith and Lerner are friends who both blasted online bullies who were motivated by inappropriate racial motives.

Dan and Alex shared a residence with B. Smith until her death.

Alex Lerner and Dan Gasby co-hosted a radio show

They also co-hosted a radio show called “Thank You, Dan And Alex.” Every Sunday at 7 p.m. ET, it airs on 77 WABC.

Through the presentation, they aim to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s illness.

Dan Gasby and Alex Lerner are hard at work on their radio show.

Dan and Alex are hard at work on their radio show.

After B. Smith’s death, Alex seemed to have “taken off.”

Alex Lerner
Alex Lerner and Dan Gasby co-hosted a radio show Source: Gossip Gist

Lerner seemed to have had enough of it all after a nearly two-year romance and a fair number of headlines.

We heard Dan say in his interview on “Successful Philanthropy with Jean Shafiroff”:

“She took off and, well, whatever.” “I wish her the best.”

Well, that’s the end of the relationship; it was certainly unexpected. But there is no guarantee in the life of a wealthy celebrity; time is always limited in their budget.

Alex Lerner is married to business owner Billy Lerner, and they have two children.

In 1997, Alex married the well-known businessman William “Billy” Lerner.

Billy Lerner is the son of well-known entrepreneur Jack Lerner, who became wealthy after inventing the iPark parking system.

They are the parents of two children. Billy’s Instagram is crammed with photos of his son Benjamin and his stunning daughter Jacqueline.

Benjamin earned a business and accounting degree from Lynn University.

Alex Lerner
Alex Lerner with her small daughter Source: Celebnetworthnet

He also has a certificate in pediatric first aid and assists his father in the management of the parking lot.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline, also known as Jaqui, is a graduate student at Duke University who will graduate in 2022.

Her children are very important to her.

Maxi Lerner, her other daughter, is also a model.

We know very little about this enigmatic daughter, and we rarely see her out and about with her mother.

The identity of the father is likewise unknown.

Around the early 2010s, Alex and Billy divorced.

After their divorce, they both moved on quickly. Billy married Marcella De Martin in 2015, and they have a son.

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The Harlem Socialite’s Relationship With Alex

Alex Lerner is a social animal who thrives in a crowd.

The Harlem socialite is pals with New York City’s fashion designers, painters, models, poets, actors, and restaurant owners.

Dard Coaxum, Harlem’s self-proclaimed Gatsby, was introduced to her through mutual friends.

She also worked in public relations for a Dard-organized event dubbed the “Harlem Haberdashery Masquerade Ball.”

Alex and the self-proclaimed Harlem Gatsby dated for a while, but the relationship ended after Coaxum was arrested for assault.

The subsequent legal drama was tremendous, and she was drawn into it as well.

And we’re sure she didn’t enjoy it one bit.

She initially testified in favor of Coaxum, but then altered her testimony after it was found that Coaxum was at fault.

Coaxum was sentenced to 16 years in jail after the court found him guilty of assault.

Is Alex Lerner dating anyone? What is her marital status?

Alex is currently single and not dating anyone after her breakup with Dan Gasby.

She is not currently in a romantic relationship and is content with her life on her own.