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Age of Lil Perkio and Instagram What is his age? Where Did Fake Lil Druk Come From?

Lil Perkio
  • Lil Prekio is a rapper from the United States of America
  • Prekio’s professional life
  • Perkio is also known as the false Lil Durk or his look-alike
  • King Von was shot and died 

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Who is Lil Prekio?

Lil Prekio is a rapper from the United States of America who is gaining popularity in the Hip Hop industry. Prekio, a young rapper, has become well-known for his startling likeness to Lil Durk.

People are now curious about Prekio’s professional life after his latest video with 6ix9ine went viral.

Rapper Lil Prekio has recently gained popularity as a result of a video shared by another rapper, 6ix9ine.

6ix9ine and his entourage, according to the teenage rapper, ambushed him.

In an Instagram Live video posted on April 26, Perkio told his side of the story about a video previously published by 6ix9ine.

Prekio claimed that he was expecting to meet up with a YouTuber who wanted to collaborate when 6ix9ine and the gang he was with approached him.

So, Prekio stated that he was uncomfortable with the circumstance and did not want to be a part of 6ix9ine’s Lil Durk trolling session.

Prekio recently uploaded another video regarding the incident in which he discussed everything, which can be found on his Instagram account.

 Lil Perkio
Lil Perkio with his Doppelganger source: Urban Islandz

Lil Perkio’s Age and Real Name Have Been Revealed

Many people have been concerned about the young rapper Lil Perkio’s age,

but he has not revealed his birth details, making it more difficult to determine his true age.

However, based on his appearance and photographs, we may estimate that he is between the ages of 18 and 21.

Dareal Perkio looks to be Lil Perkio’s real name.

However, there has been no definite news about it published.

We only noted it by looking at his TikTok account, where he has over 428.6k followers.

Perkio is also known as the false Lil Durk or his look-alike because he has the same appearance as the popular rapper Lil Durk.

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Who is Fake Lil Druk on Instagram?

As previously reported, Lil Perkio’s incident with 6ix9ine is making headlines on social media, with Perkio appearing to be uncomfortable.

The young rapper has already prepared a video about this topic and uploaded it on his Instagram account, which can be found at @darealperkioo.

The feud between 6ix9ine and Perkio erupted after Tekashi aired a video in which he gave Perkio a King Von jacket.

Perkio recently uploaded another video revealing the genuine thing that happened between him and 6ix9ine.

Perkio’s explanation was prompted by a video made by 6ix9ine on April 26 that went viral,

in which 6ix9ine can be seen putting a jacket on the young rapper’s back with an image of Durk’s late relative King Von on it.

King Von was shot and died on November 6, 2020, for your information.