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About Tricia Day, JJ Da Boss Wife: Age, Net Worth, Husband

Tricia Day
  • Fans know Tricia Day as JJ Da Boss’ wife as well as the ‘Midget.’
  • Tricia Ann Wench was born in Bassett, Arkansas, in the United States.
  • Tricia was introduced as JJ’s wife and a fellow street racer.
  • As fans, we’re glad they found each other.

Fans know Tricia Day as JJ Da Boss’ wife as well as the ‘Midget.’ Tricia, like her husband, is a passionate car racer.

It would be an understatement to suggest that Tricia’s appearance boosts the popularity of the show Street Outlaws Memphis.

Similarly, Tricia has a fantastic marital bliss with her spouse behind the camera.

The couple has four gorgeous children.

Tricia Day: Who Is She? Concerning Her Parents And Siblings

Tricia Ann Wench was born in Bassett, Arkansas, in the United States.

She is Terry Welch’s daughter.

Her original mother’s identity is unknown, however, her stepmother is Jody Welch, whom her father married.

Tricia spent the day with her father

Emily Lacy is her half-sister.

The famous spouse enjoys keeping her personal life private.

Tricia Day has two siblings: Tricia and Emily, her step-sister

Tricia is in her 30s and enjoys a lovely life with her husband and children in 2020.

The mother of four children spent her entire childhood traveling around in little towns in Arkansas before settling down permanently in Tennessee.

Tricia Day Married JJ Da Boss: When Did Their Wedding Take Place?

Tricia was introduced as JJ’s wife and a fellow street racer when the Discovery series Street Outlaws Memphis premiered in January 2018.

Since the beginning of the show, neither JJ nor his lovely lover has revealed when they married.

However, many of you may be unaware that Tricia and JJ grew up in the same community outside of Memphis.

Tricia Day
Tricia Day Source: Districty

Furthermore, Tricia’s stepmother Judy once tweeted a photo of her stepdaughter donning a wedding gown in 2012.

It’s very likely that Tricia and JJ married around this period.

JJ also disclosed in a February 2018 interview with Monster and Critics that he has been with Tricia for almost ten years.

Everything in the timeline adds up.

To be more specific, the couple may have begun dating in 2009 and married in 2012.

By the way, these are hypothetical.

Whatever the case may be, we are convinced they are married.

As fans, we’re glad they found each other.

After all, it is Tricia who motivates JJ Da Boss to work hard and amuse our fans every day. Tricia, we’re delighted you’re here!

What Is Tricia Day’s Age Difference From Her Husband JJ Da Boss?

Since her appearance on Street Outlaws Memphis, the age difference between JJ Da Boss and his wife Tricia has been one of the most talked about.

JJ, who was born on August 10, 1973, is 47 years old, while his wife Tricia, who was born on December 6, 1973, is in her 30s.

Despite this, she appears to be much younger than her husband.

There are two possibilities here: either her skincare routine is fantastic or she is simply young.

Based on these two possibilities, our analysis shows that Tricia is quite young.

At the very least, she and her husband have a 10-year age difference.

The couple has four children together: She is also a grandmother

The couple has four gorgeous children as a result of their relationship.

Vada, Aubrey, and Annalise are their three daughters, and Jonathan Wayne Jr. is their son.

Despite their hectic schedules, the couple is always available to the children.

JJ makes every effort to spend as much time as possible with his children.

Though Tricia is not available on any social media profile, her husband frequently shares pictures of his family on Instagram.

Tricia Day JJ Da Boss children \sTricia and her four kids

Aside from four children, Tricia is a stepmother to her spouse’s seven kids from his previous relationship.

The identity of the mother of JJ’s seven kids is not known yet.

Out of the seven, many of you are already familiar with Josh Day aka Doughboy.

He is also a street racer just like his father.

Apart from him, JJ also has a daughter named Whitney from his past affair.

The name of the other five children is unknown

From her stepson Doughboy, Tricia is also a grandmother to two beautiful children.

The dough is married to Chelsea and they have two bundles of joys, Kamden, and Novaleigh.

Tricia Day Aka Midget: Her Husband Taught Her Street Racing

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that Tricia is literally the heart of the show.

When she appears on the show, everyone calls her by the moniker, Midget, a nod to her petite frame.

JJ Da Boss was the one who first introduced his wife to street racing.

In the same interview with Monster and Critics, Tricia stated, “[JJ] asked me one day if I wanted to try it.

I raced and it’s been a journey ever since.”

At the beginning of her street racecourse, Tricia caused a lot of damage, as stated by JJ.

However, in the end, it didn’t matter as she brought an immense amount of joy to his life.

Tricia And Racer Precious Cooper Grew Up Together

If you have been following Outlaws Memphis since its inception, then surely you can’t miss the chemistry between Midget and Precious.

Well as it turns out, both of them are childhood friends.

No wonder they click.

In addition, Precious is not only a best friend but a godmother to her four kids well.

Tricia’s hubby JJ also has a great relationship with Precious.

“She helps take care of all of my bills. She helps me as much as I help her.

It’s just kind of neutral respect. Nothing crazy.”

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How Much Is Tricia Day’s Net Worth?

There is no doubt that Tricia and JJ Da Boss live a rather simple life.

Although they earn a substantial amount of money from their work in the Discovery series, it is still far-fetched to say they are multi-millionaires.

As of 2020, Tricia’s net worth is estimated at $150,000, while her husband’s total fortune sits at $500,000.