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99 famous Joel Embiid Quotes

Joel Embiid

99 Famous Joel Embiid Quotes

Joel Hans Embiid is the full name of a Cameroonian professional basketball player who plays for the Philadelphia 76ers in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is also named to three All-Star teams and is known as “The Process.”

Furthermore, he was the highest-paid picked player from his home nation, and he was one of 30 finalists nominated for the Naismith College Player of the Year while playing for the Kansas Jayhawks.

However, he suffered injuries to his foot and knee just as he was set to make his debut for the 76ers and had to return later.

Despite his ailments, he managed to play 31 games for his team.

“I went out with my teammates one night.” Because I don’t consume alcohol, I wasn’t drinking.

This female approached me and started talking to me. ‘Why aren’t you drinking?’ she said.

‘I just don’t drink,’ I said. Alcohol is poisonous.’ ‘I might have something for you,’ she added. She went to get herself a Shirley Temple.

Then I thought, ‘Ohhh, OK.'” Embiid, Joel

“I believe that being a leader involves having your colleagues’ backs.”Embiid, Joel

“I have a lot of faith in myself that I can achieve my goals and make the people of Philadelphia proud.”Embiid, Joel

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“Every time I get on the floor, I have the mindset that I’m the best player on the floor.”Embiid, Joel

“I want to be named MVP. At the end of the day, it may be an individual honor, but when I play better the team benefits.” Embiid, Joel

“I want to be that type of man, like Kobe Bryant.” I aspire to be Tim Duncan.

I want to be like Dirk Nowitzki and spend my entire career with one organization.” Embiid, Joel

“I watched basketball for the first time in 2010.”Embiid, Joel

“I enjoy competing. I mean, everybody who knows me, my coaches, knows I enjoy competing. “I despise losing.” Embiid, Joel

“I’m attempting to dominate, and if you dominate, you’ll be despised because you’ll talk so much.”Embiid, Joel

“I believe the concept of minute limits is somewhat complex.” I believe that minute limitations should never be imposed.

“I believe it should always be about how my body feels and reacts.” Embiid, Joel

“Because I started playing basketball so late, anything is conceivable.”Embiid, Joel

“It just gets me going if I play against you for the first time – or it doesn’t even have to be the first time – and you want to be all physical and just talk, or talk trash or anything.”Embiid, Joel

 Joel Embiid
Joel Embiid playing basketball Source: Africanews

“When I look at myself, I’m a guard, not a large man.” On the basketball court, I can do it all.

You name it – pass, post up, shoot the ball, bring the ball up, being a playmaker – and I’m excited to debunk it.” Embiid, Joel

“I want to be Defensive Player of the Year and, if possible, MVP.”Embiid, Joel

“I’m just going to perform my job, what coach wants me to do, be a defensive element, and when a scorer is needed, I’ll be that.”Embiid, Joel

“It’s just a matter of perfecting everything, like my 3-point shooting or ball handling.”Embiid, Joel

“The Process will never finish.”Embiid, Joel

“We’ll always have faith in the process.”Embiid, Joel

“Whatever occurs. If something occurs, something occurs. But I have faith in God and pray every day.” Embiid, Joel

“I’ll be playing ‘2K’ in GM mode.” And I pick other teams.

But I always trade for myself because I can’t be stopped. There’s really no stopping me in ‘2K.'” Embiid, Joel

“I don’t like dealing with people at the front office.”Embiid, Joel

“Philly will remain my home for the rest of my career.”Embiid, Joel

“Every time I’m on the court, every time a fan screams for me, all I want to do is go out and make a play so they can cheer even louder.”Embiid, Joel

“I believe I have a lot of potentials and a lot to show.”Embiid, Joel

“Believe in ‘The Process.'”Embiid, Joel

“What I want is to play well and help my team win games.”Embiid, Joel

“I enjoy it when people talk smack.”Embiid, Joel

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“I enjoy playing on the road and soothing the crowd.” “I adore it.” Embiid, Joel

“Tarik Black dunked on me so hard in my first scrimmage at Kansas that I almost quit.”

Tarik dived on me so hard that I was considering buying plane tickets back home.

This individual was a senior. He was an adult. I had no idea what was going on.

He retrieved his own rebound and dunked on me so hard that everything seemed to happen in slow motion.” Embiid, Joel

“I appear to be not listening, but I am genuinely listening.”

I enjoy listening to everything, observing everyone, and just taking everything in before deciding what’s good for me and what’s bad for me in my head.” Embiid, Joel

“The Process will never finish.” It’s a continuous process.

I don’t think it will ever stop. As I previously stated, there is a method for making the playoffs, another for making the conference finals, and yet another for actually going to The Finals and winning the championship.” Embiid, Joel

“I don’t care about the friendships I make on the court. I’ve got my pals.

I have my family, with whom I am quite close. I have a couple of buddies with whom I am always in contact.” Embiid, Joel

“One of the first things we discussed when I got down with Under Armour was how this can be greater than just shoes, bigger than just basketball.”Embiid, Joel

“Every time I step onto the court, I want to challenge my colleagues to be better leaders and set a good example.”Embiid, Joel

“I’m starting to figure it out – where I should be on the court, where I’m most successful, and how I deal with double teams – and it’s paying off.”Embiid, Joel

“I’ll be there if the squad needs me to recruit someone.” That’s exactly what I’ll do.” Embiid, Joel

“I’d like to win.”Embiid, Joel

“I enjoy playing in front of a crowd and getting them involved.”Embiid, Joel

“I can’t get the crowd moving if I’m not creating plays.”

When I’m making plays, I can feel the mood and get into it with the fans.” Embiid, Joel

“I often fantasize about that kind of moment.”

In my brain, I always create that scenario, thinking about some type of winning shot or block that will, like, really get the audience into it.” Embiid, Joel

“One thing the fans need to realize is that I missed two years, and we took it really, really slowly, making sure everything was good, and my foot has been terrific.”Embiid, Joel

“If they’re going to foul me, I’ll go to the line and shoot some free throws.”Embiid, Joel

“In 2011, I was a little shy. I wasn’t as excellent because that was also the year I began playing basketball.” Embiid, Joel

“I should play 30 minutes or longer if I feel terrific, my body feels great, and my knee is perfect.”

“I certainly have an opinion on that.” Embiid, Joel

“I’m not cocky, I’m humble, but I believe I can be something unique, one of the league’s top players.”Embiid, Joel

“I started playing basketball late, and for me to get to the league so quickly… “I’ve always said that my life is a film.” Embiid, Joel

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“I constantly try to make some sort of connection with the audience.”Embiid, Joel

“Sometimes I feel as if I’m lost.” “However, I’ve always stated that I believe in God.” Embiid, Joel

“The Process has been branded as anything, tanking.” “I don’t see it that way.” Embiid, Joel

“A lot of people believe I’m simply a huge man, but I’m also a basketball player.”

I am capable of doing everything a basketball player is capable of doing, from playmaking and scoring to simply distributing the ball and being a leader and post presence.” Embiid, Joel

“I have to perform my job on the defensive end.”Embiid, Joel

“You’re going to have slumps in a season.”Embiid, Joel

“I want to spend the rest of my life in Philadelphia.”Embiid, Joel

“I’m not an injury-prone player.” I just had one injury that took around two years to heal.” Embiid, Joel

“I enjoy it when people tell me I’m going to be a flop. I like it when people tell me, ‘You stink.’

You are unable to dribble. You can’t shoot,’ because you have to go to the gym.” Embiid, Joel

“I wanted to go see what they have when I was visiting schools.”

“I knew Kansas was fantastic after my visit.” Embiid, Joel

“Basketball has given me everything, but there must be something more than basketball.”

That was the first thing I told Under Armour, and they were completely on board.

This isn’t a shoe transaction.” Embiid, Joel

“I’m not made of glass,” she says.Embiid, Joel

“I’m great at drawing fouls.”Embiid, Joel

“I consider myself to be one of the league’s most physical players; I enjoy making contact.”

I enjoy attacking. “I enjoy heading to the foul line.” Embiid, Joel

“I always think of myself as a typical person.” “I want to be able to appreciate everything.” Embiid, Joel

“Sometimes my coaches believe I’m a little too competitive.” However, I want to win, and I believe we should win every game.” Embiid, Joel

“Every one of the great big men attended college for at least two or three years.”

I believe that is a significant factor. I’m not sure if it will always work, but I believe it is the best option.” Embiid, Joel

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“I adore being physically active.”JOEL EMBIDGE

“I believe I am the league’s top defensive player.”Embiid, Joel

“It’s basketball; blowing out a squad is always fun.”Embiid, Joel

“I believe I’m a good offensive and defensive player.”

It’s something I do on both ends of the floor.” Embiid, Joel

“I can hide behind the computer or the iPhone on social media.” “Internet bravery.” Embiid, Joel

“I discovered that social media allowed me to open myself and show the world who I was while still keeping my name out there.”Embiid, Joel

“Chinese fans are simply devoted to the game.” Their love is beyond ridiculous.” Embiid, Joel

“I’m actually rather good at everything.”Embiid, Joel

“When I initially arrived in America, my coach in Cameroon had mailed me this DVD.”

It was an hour-long video featuring Hakeem Olajuwon and other renowned big men.

I must have watched that DVD every day for three years.” Embiid, Joel

“I believe that Americans, particularly Africans, have little understanding of what is going on in the world.”

“I think when people think of Africans, they imagine us roaming around with lions and tigers and all those other animals.” Embiid, Joel

“I don’t think racism is over.”Embiid, Joel

“I always thought the United States was absolutely incredible, like a dream.

It felt like Heaven to me. Coming here a couple of years ago, you know, the United States is still beautiful, but it’s not what I expected.” Embiid, Joel

“I see a lot of athletes who don’t use social media or who say the same thing over and over.”

“I was hoping to change the game.” Embiid, Joel

“I became interested in basketball when I was 13 years old, but I couldn’t play since my father believed it was too violent.”Embiid, Joel

“I enjoy being shirtless.”Embiid, Joel

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“I feel like the ones who put terrible ideals in kids are the agents who recruit high-school players and talk to high-schoolers.”Embiid, Joel

“I’m pleased I wasn’t good enough to be highly recruited when I started playing ball as a junior.”Embiid, Joel

“My life plays out like a movie.”Embiid, Joel

Just ordinary white people. They truly work hard and come out on top.

You may watch videos of them on the internet.” Embiid, Joel

“Everything in my life happens at a breakneck pace.”Embiid, Joel

“Because I didn’t speak English, I used to listen to French rap and a little bit of American hip-hop when I was still in Cameroon.”

When I arrived in America, that’s when I really got into all those artists – Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, all those guys.” Embiid, Joel

“I like anything with a good beat before games and maybe practice.”

Like Rick Ross, when he’s like, ‘RUH!,’ and all that.” Embiid, Joel

“I really like Meek Mill. I spend a lot of time listening to the ‘Dreams & Nightmares’ introduction.

When the beat drops, I always go nuts.” Embiid, Joel

“That’s the whole goal of basketball – to have fun.”Embiid, Joel

“I want to be a big part of winning a championship or bringing a title back to Philadelphia.”Embiid, Joel

“At times, I wanted to give up.” There were operations after surgeries, and I lost faith in myself.

“I wasn’t happy with my body.” Embiid, Joel

“I honestly believe that I have the potential – and I’m not even kidding – to be the best player in the league.”Embiid, Joel

“Africa surely has a lot of undiscovered ability.”

If I’m one of them and there are a few other guys in the league, it indicates there must be more.” Embiid, Joel

“I want to jump into the fans and dive for every loose ball.”Embiid, Joel

“I want people to believe that an African basketball player is the best in the world.”Embiid, Joel