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6 Best Wood Air Hockey Table

The Top 6 Wooden Air Hockey Tables

The air hockey table is a terrific source of pleasure, especially if you have children or younger siblings. Another advantage of purchasing an air hockey table is that they come in a variety of forms and sizes. So you can buy based on your needs and desires.

They are inexpensive and suitable for people of all ages.

Furthermore, the designs and styles enhance the appearance of your living rooms and game rooms.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top ones on the market.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the brands on the list.

The list was developed using reputable online sources such as Recroompick, Thespruce, and others.

But, before we get into the specifics, have a look at the table below.

S.N Brand Name
6. Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table by Hey! Play! Fun Table
5. Hall of Games Edgewood Air Powered Hockey Table
4. GoSports Hockey Ice Pucky Wooden Table Top
3. Hathaway Midtown Air Hockey Family Game Table
2. PUCK Ares 8-Foot Air Hockey Table
1. Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table

Hey! Play! Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table Fun Table

  • Weight: 4.85 pounds Length x Weight x Height: 22′′ x 12′′ x 4′′

We’ll start with a little arcade air hockey table from Hey! Play! It is a tabletop air hockey game that is lightweight and portable.

This tiny table does not require a large space to set up and provides full-fledged amusement.

The sliding scorekeeper on each side will make it easier for the players to keep track of the goals.

Similarly, easy puck return technology will aid in returning pucks after scoring.

An air motor enables the puck to hover and glide across the whole surface of the tabletop hockey.

Hey! Play! Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table Fun Table
Hey! Play! Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table Fun Table Source:

As a result, the puck goes effortlessly across the board, making it exciting and engaging.

Buyers should be aware that the table requires eight AA batteries, which must be purchased individually.

However, the table comes with two paddles and a puck, and assembly will require a Philips head screwdriver.

This wood air hocket table is simple to assemble and store.

The table performs admirably for its size and is certain to provide an exciting air hockey experience.

Air hockey tables provide hours of amusement while also improving the beauty of your living room or game area. Learn about the greatest table air hockey here!

5. Hall of Games Edgewood Air Powered Hockey

  • Table Dimensions: 84′′ x 44′′ x 32′′Unspecified weight

The Hall of Games Edgewood Air Powered Hockey Table is ranked fifth among the top wood air hockey tables.

The high-shine polish on the table provides for seamless play.

To keep track of the scores, the table includes two scoring options: overhead LED scoring or a manual scorer.

Similarly, the table has a UL-certified heavy-duty motor that offers maximum and even airflow across the whole playing area.

However, this wood-air hockey table will take up some area in your home.

The table measures 32 inches in length and is supported by robust box legs and crossbars.

A hidden 1.5-inch leg leveler ensures an even playing surface.

Two air hockey pucks and two puck pushers are included with the table.

Furthermore, the LED scoring display with arcade sound effects enhances the overall experience.

The main disadvantage of this table is that it is difficult to set up and put together.

However, the table’s appearance and design are pleasing.

The Oakwood grain finish complements any house or game area, making it an excellent addition to your living space.

4. Wooden Table Top GoSports Hockey Ice Pucky

  • 38.5′′ x 26.3′′ x 3.1′′ in length, weight, and height12-pound weight

Another tabletop air hockey table that is ideal for compact settings is the GoSports Hockey Ice Pucky Wooden Table Top.

Because of its small size and lightweight, the table may be easily stowed after use.

The table is ideal for a two-player duel. It includes a full game board, two puck sticks (red and blue), three game pucks, and built-in score trackers.

This hardwood air hockey table requires no assembly. Its slick playing surface contributes to a more realistic puck slip.

Because the table is made of solid wood, it can withstand the rigors of intense games.

While playing, the table can be readily positioned on the floor or the table.

It will provide players with an unplugged, old-school gaming experience that will help them improve their reflexes.

It also does not require any batteries or electricity.

If you’re seeking an old-fashioned game experience or a gift for an air hockey table, this tabletop hockey board is ideal.

Tabletop Air Hockey is an excellent indoor amusement option.

3. Hathaway Midtown Air Hockey Family Game

  • Table Dimensions: 72″ x 36″ x 31″ Weight: 97 lbs

Hathaway has always made some of the best air hockey tables.

The midtown air hockey family game table, as the name implies, is suitable for the entire family.

The table has a gorgeous and fashionable design.

It is constructed of engineered wood and has a rich, cherry wood-tone lamination.

The scratch-resistant surface is complemented by chrome-plated corner caps.

Similarly, the table has a strong 110V blower.

It maintains a consistent airflow through about 1,950 perforations in its poly-sealed playing surface.

The table also incorporates computerized, motion-detecting scoring.

As a result, there is no room for incorrect reading and play.

There is also an automatic puck return on the table.

Similarly, the table legs incorporate easily adjustable levelers for stability.

The table’s structure is likewise long-lasting.

Despite the fact that the table will be used in your living room and game area, it will look excellent due to its elegant design. It also includes all of the necessary equipment, such as strikers and a puck.

2. PUCK Ares 8-Foot Air Hockey

  • Table Dimensions: 96′′ x 50′′ x 32′′Unspecified weight

The PUCK Ares 8-Foot Air Hockey Table is ranked second.

It is a precisely sized outstanding, high-quality air hockey table that will give you hours of pleasure and fun.

The table is suitable for both beginners and expert players.

It includes four high-quality pucks, four high-quality air hockey strikers, and a carrying bag.

A beginner will have no trouble playing, but this table will appeal to hockey fans.

Similarly, the table is easy to install and has strong ventilation due to the high-velocity air blower.

The table boasts of being both lightweight and durable.

It strikes the ideal balance of stability, sturdiness, maneuverability, and size.

Although the game lacks sound effects and lighting, the table is still one of the greatest wood-air hockey tables on the market.

In addition, the table comes with a lifetime warranty.

The table is guaranteed to provide you and your real family with hours of entertainment.

Furthermore, the table will be suitable for living rooms, game areas, and garages.

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1. Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey

  • Table Dimensions: 40′′ x 20′′ x 9′′13.86-pound weight

The Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table is our top pick for the best wood table air hockey table.

The mini-table, which is so compact and can be erected in 15 minutes, is ideal for any friend or family gathering.

The air table is powered by electricity.

It comes with two scoreboards, two mini pucks, and two mini pushers.

The table also has a CUL-certified AC-12V motor.

The motor controls airflow and puck fluidity.

Because the table is electrical, the player must connect the table hockey to the blowers.

The dense fiber wood used to manufacture the table contributes to smooth playing conditions.

Furthermore, the legs are strong, sturdy, and foam-protected, so the table will not scratch or damage the surface of the furniture.

However, the table will require two AAA batteries, which must be purchased separately.