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30 motivating Arthur Ashe Quotes

30 Inspiring Arthur Ashe Quotes

Arthur Ashe is easily recognized as the first male African American tennis player to win the US Open and Wimbledon singles titles. Before he was ranked, no other African American man was in the world’s top 10.

He was also the first individual to be inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame.

Furthermore, he remained an active activist.

He raised awareness about the disease after learning he had received AIDS through a blood transfusion.

But time did not stand still for him, and he died on February 6, 1993. Arthur Ashe, a legend, died on that day.

Here are a handful of his quotes that may be useful to you in the future.

“Begin where you are and work with what you have.” Ashe, Arthur

“What we acquire allows us to make a living; what we give, on the other hand, allows us to live.” Ashe, Arthur

“Success is a journey, not a finish line.” The act is frequently more significant than the result.” Ashe, Arthur

“Regardless matter how you feel on the inside, always try to appear to be a winner.” Ashe, Arthur

“The ideal attitude is to be both physically and psychologically loose.” Ashe, Arthur

“True heroism is amazingly calm and unemotional.

It is not the desire to outperform all others at any cost, but the desire to serve others at any cost.” Ashe, Arthur

“I don’t want to be remembered for my tennis skills.” Ashe, Arthur

The tenth of thirty Arthur Ashe quotes

“Gold doesn’t have to sparkle to be gold.” Ashe, Arthur

“Fear is not a reason to come to a halt. It’s the urge to take action.” Ashe, Arthur

“You learn about equality in history and civics, but life isn’t always like that.” Ashe, Arthur

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“Every victory lessens the fear a little bit.” You never truly overcome your fear of losing; you only challenge it.” Ashe, Arthur

Arthur Ashe
Arthur Ashe playing tennis Source: CMG World Wide

“You’re never actually playing an opponent. You’re fooling yourself.” Ashe, Arthur

“I’ve always tried to be loyal to myself, to choose the conflicts that were most essential to me.” My primary obligation is to myself. I could never be someone else.” Ashe, Arthur

“Racism is not an excuse for not doing your best.” Ashe, Arthur

“If I was to ask God, ‘Why me?’ about the awful things that happened in my life, I should have asked God, ‘Why me?’ about the good things that happened in my life.” Ashe, Arthur

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“Trust must be gained and should be granted only after a period of time.” Ashe, Arthur

“In athletics, there is a condition known as ‘paralysis by analysis.'” Ashe, Arthur

“My potential is more than what I can express inside the confines of my race or ethnic identity.” Ashe, Arthur

“I’ve tried to keep striving since it’s the only way I’ll ever achieve anything great and permanent.” Ashe, Arthur

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“The world over – 50 million children start playing tennis, 5 million learn to play tennis, 500,000 learn professional tennis, 50,000 arrive to the circuit, 5000 reach the grand slam, 50 reach Wimbledon, 4 to the semi-final, 2 to finals, I never asked GOD ‘Why me?’ when I was holding a cup.” And today, while I’m in pain, I shouldn’t be asking GOD, “Why me?” Ashe, Arthur

“This is the pinnacle of my career.” Getting to the fourth round of the US Open in my first year on the tour and in my first year in the US Open.” Ashe, Arthur

“You understand that life is short and you must step up.” Please don’t feel sorry for me. “Those that are strong are expected to do a lot.” Ashe, Arthur

“I live in an unusual universe.” I don’t fit in anywhere. It’s as if I’m floating down the center. “I’m never sure where I am.” Ashe, Arthur

“A sensible person makes gradual decisions but sticks to them.” Ashe, Arthur