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10 NFL Coaches with the Highest Salary

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10 Highest Paid NFL Coach Salary

Have you ever wondered how much an NFL coach makes? You surely have heard that NFL players make millions of dollars. You can find out which NFL coach makes the most money by reading this article.

Try being the head coach if you think being an NFL player and training for half the day every day is challenging.

Holding a job as a coach is as difficult as catching a bird, with the exception of a few well-known coaches with impressively successful biographies.

For the corporates, the second day of the regular season is referred to as Black Monday.

On this day, the coaches are let go and told to hunt for new employment.

However, becoming an NFL coach is very enjoyable and rewarding if you record more victories than losses or win the Lombardi Trophy.

The highest-paid NFL coaches are listed below.

A list of salaries is shown below.

It also includes extra income from sponsorships, advertisements, and other public appearances.

In addition, NFL team owners avoid disclosing their coach’s pay.

They made the decision not to reveal the whole remuneration in order to avoid fan conflicts and shield their coaches from haters.

10 Most Wealthy NFL Coaches (salary in millions)

Take a look at the list of the highest-paid NFL coaches before we get into the specifics.

ESPN and Audacy were used to compile the list.

Name of the Coach Earning
1. Bill Belichick $12.5 million
2. Pete Carroll $11 million
3. Jon Gruden $10 million
4. Sean Payton $9.8 million
5. John Harbaugh $9 million
6. Matt Rhule $8.5 million
7. Sean McVay $8.5 million
8. Mike Tomlin $8 million
9. Andy Reid $8 million
10. Bruce Arians $8 million

1. Bill Belichick

  • Date of birth: April 16, 1952
  • Team: New England Patriots
  • Salary: $12.5 million

Bill is the highest-paid NFL coach with a potential compensation of $12.5 million.

Bill Belichick has also won the Super Bowl six times.

One of the greatest NFL coaches ever, he joined the Patriots in 2000.

He is also the highest-paid NFL coach in history according to his exploits and coaching methods.

Bill is constantly made fun of by NFL fans for dressing like a homeless guy who also has a media allergy.

Belichick avoids wearing clothes that are meant to make an impression and despises fake news.

He thinks one shouldn’t make up words to get away from the truth.

For NFL coaches, Bill has established high standards.

He has won many accolades for his work as a head coach.

He has won the Super Bowl six times, won the AP NFL Coach of the Year three times, and has coached numerous A-level teams.

Former President Trump gave Belichick consideration for the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2021.

But Bill was honored by graciously declining.

2. Pete Caroll

  • Date of Birth: September 15, 1952
  • Team: Seattle Seahawks
  • Salary: $11 million

In the NFL world, Pete is seen as a very preppy coach as well as a part-time motivator, supporter, and cheerleader.

NFL and Pete, however, experienced several highs and lows over the years.

Carroll has a history of being dismissed twice from NFL teams like the Patriots and Jets, which is unfortunate.

He eventually joined USC and succeeded.

Later, the team won six Bowl games under his coaching.

But signing a deal with the Seattle Seahawks was the biggest windfall he ever struck.

In addition to serving as the team’s head coach and executive vice president, Pete joined the Seahawks in 2010.

Pete has achieved success as a head coach by winning the Rose Bowl four times, the Super Bowl, the Nationals twice, and the Orange Bowl twice.

In addition, he received the AFCA Coach of the Year title in 2003.

Pete Carroll
Pete Carroll. Source: ABC7 News

3. Jon Gruden

  • Date of Birth: August 17, 1963
  • Team: Las Vegas Raiders
  • Salary: $10 million

The LV Raiders’ head coach is Gruden.

From 1998 to 2001, he was employed by the Oakland Raiders.

Before joining the LV Raiders, he moved on to other teams such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Raiders.

Prior to entering the NFL, he coached college football at a number of different institutions, including Southeast Missouri State, the University of Tennessee, and the University of Pittsburgh.

In 1992, when he was 28 years old and working for the Green Bay Packers, he started his coaching career.

He holds the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ring of Honor and has won a Super Bowl.

He has had some pivotal moments in the NFL, though.

Recently. Due to his training-related violations of COVID 19 protocols, Gruden was assessed a $250,000 fine.

4. Sean Payton

  • Date of Birth: December 29, 1963
  • Team: New Orleans Saints
  • Salary: $9.8 million

Sean was a former NFL player, in contrast to other NFL coaches.

He was the Chicago Bears’ quarterback.

Later, he began working as a professional coach for Miami University, Indiana State University, and San Diego State University.

He later worked as a quarterbacks trainer for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1997 to 1998.

He then moved to coach for the Oakland Riders at the conclusion of 1998.

Additionally, he performed services for the New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys, and New York Giants.

He was named NFC Coach of the Year by the Kansas City Committee in 2006 and 2009, and he received the NFL Coach of the Year Award in 2006.

 5. John Harbaugh

  • Date of Birth: September 23, 1962
  • Team: Baltimore Ravens
  • Salary: $9 million

John Harbaugh, who earns a staggering $9 million a year, is the next highest-paid NFL coach.

He worked with the Philadelphia Eagles, primarily the defensive backs, before beginning his coaching career with the Baltimore Ravens.

He has additionally coached teams from Western Michigan, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Indiana.

Since he joined the Ravens in 2008, John has won 140 games. NFL’s fourth-highest team win total is now achieved.

Throughout his career, he has won Super Bowls, and in 2019, he was honored with the AP and PFWA Coach of the Year awards.

He started out as a Philadelphia Eagles assistant coach before being elevated to head coach of the Baltimore Ravens.

6. Matt Rhule

  • Date of Birth: January 31, 1975
  • Team: Carolina Panthers
  • Salary: $8.5 million

Matt Rhule served as the head college coach at Taylor University and Baylor University prior to beginning his NFL career.

Rhule has been named Baylor University’s head coach.

He was unable to finish the season with outstanding records, though.

He began serving as the head coach at Baylor University in 2016.

However, he was unable to provide the anticipated outcomes and missed the chance to play in the Super Bowl.

He has coached the NY Giants and the Carolina Panthers in the NFL.

He was named the Panthers’ head coach in 2020.

His arrival helped the defense of the squad improve, elevating them to the 15th place in 2019.

He was hailed by the media for playing a significant role in the Panther’s ascent to success.

With their first victory in the NFL in 2021 over the New York Jets, the Panthers continue to develop.

Matt Rhule
Matt Rhule. Source: ESPN

7. Sean McVay

  • Date of Birth: January 24, 1986
  • Team: Los Angeles Rams
  • Salary: $8.5 million

McVay is the youngest head coach in history and has led the LA Rams since 2017.

In a similar vein, he received the AP Coach of the Year award and became the youngest player to ever qualify for the Super Bowl and postseason.

He has guided the Rams from the lowest score to the top scorers in 2017 after joining the organization.

The Rams won their first game since 2003 in the same year. Sean led the squad to the Super Bowl in 2018.

McVay has held positions as a wide receivers coach for the Washington Redskins, the Tuskers, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ offenses.

Many NFL teams have started to hire young coaches as a result of Sean’s success.

The Sean McVay Effect is the name given to this phenomenon.

He set an example for the younger coaches by having a positive outlook and attitude.

8. Mike Tomlin

  • Date of Birth: March 15, 1972
  • Team: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Salary: $8 million

Mike Tomlin, with an $8 million pay, comes in second on the list of top NFL Coach salaries.

The Steelers’ head coach first started out coaching as an assistant.

He has coached the Steelers in 14 games since 2007 and has never lost a game.

He has also guided the squad to nine playoff appearances and seven division titles.

two Super Bowl Championship games, three AFC Championship games.

Tomlin won a Super Bowl at the age of 36, making him the youngest head coach to do it.

Tomlin won the Motorola Coach of the Year and Sportsman of the Year awards in 2008.

In the same vein, he also won NFC Champion in 2002 and AFC Champion in 2008 and 2010.

9. Andy Reid

  • Date of Birth: March 19, 1958
  • Team: Kansas City Chiefs
  • Salary: $8 million

Andy Reid is the next head coach earning the highest NFL coach compensation.

He played for the Philadelphia Eagles before to joining the Chiefs (1999-2012).

He was simultaneously employed as the executive vice president.

Reid served as a Green Bay Packers offensive assistant (1992-1998).

Andy helped the group win the Super Bowl.

He won the job of head coach with the Eagles in 1999 as a result of his successful management with the Packers.

Throughout his career, he has won two Super Bowls, and in 2002, he was named the AP NFL Coach of the Year.

Andy has received Coach of the Year honors from Maxwell Club, Pro Football Weekly, and Sporting News.

Andy Reid
Andy Reid. Source: Kansas City Chiefs

10. Bruce Arians

  • Date of Birth: October 3, 1952
  • Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Salary: $8 million

Before taking the helm with the Buccaneers, Bruce served as the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals and Indianapolis Colts.

His catchphrase is “No Risk it, No Biscuit.”

He began playing with the Buccaneers in 2019 and is now the team’s head coach.

He has won a Super Bowl as a head coach and been voted the AP NFL Coach of the Year in 2012 and 2014.

They won the Super Bowl twice while an assistant coach at the same time.

Bruce is the first head coach to ever add a female assistant to his staff in NFL history.

Bruce is a proponent of diversity.

As a result, his team is made up of a variety of people from various backgrounds.

The majority of his assistants, for instance, come from the Black community.

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$12.5 million is the biggest NFL coach compensation.

The NFL’s steady surge in popularity means that compensation will inevitably rise yearly.

Do you believe the pay is reasonable given the work required to manage and lead the team?